3 Cheap Colleges for International Students in Canada

We’ve received a lot of inquiries from you students asking us to give them the cheapest colleges in Canada that international students can attend. As international students, we may not always be able to afford the high school fees and tuition costs charged by universities.

Secondly, most people do not want to attend university because they do not want to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree. College is a low-cost facility where you can obtain a diploma, a certificate, and a PGD (postgraduate degree). You can also obtain a postgraduate credential regardless of the degree you did back home in your nation.

You can enroll in these programs with your O level, HND, or university degree from home. And, the cheap schools we’re going to mention are DLI schools. In other words, these schools are designated as learning institutions and are eligible for postgraduate work permits. This means that once you graduate from school, you can work full-time until your PR (permanent residency) is ready. Of course, it is a quick way to your PR. So without further ado, let us get started.

Cheap Colleges for International Students in Canada

After receiving your admission into any of these colleges, you can proceed to apply for your study visa. All things being equal, fingers crossed that your visa will be accepted. Let’s get right in.

1. Medicine Hat College

So the fourth school on our list is Medicine Hat College. So yes, Medicine Hat College. Let us have a look at their programs. So these are the programs. Here they are: Administrative Office Manager, Advanced Accounting, Aviation, Art and Design, Business Environment, Business Administration, and Sentry.

If you click on all of these, you’ll get more alternatives. Let’s look at Medicine Hat College’s tuition. Their tuition rate for a standard term is approximately $3,098.55 Canadian dollars, which is pretty affordable. And that’s for approximately a semester.

2. New Brunswick Community College

So the first school we’ll talk about is NBCC (New Brunswick Community College). It is in New Brunswick. We attend to programs and classes. They offer the following programs: accounting, administrative professional, administrative professional executive, agriculture, applied construction management, automotive service technician, building engineer, business administration and accounting, business administration marketing, business fundamentals, carpentry, culinary art, educational assistant, electrical engineering, graphic design, and more.

So, please go to the school’s website nbcc.ca/international, and make your decision. Let’s talk about the tuition fees. So domestic students in Canada pay approximately $3,420 per year, while overseas students spend $4,787.50 per semester. So a full year, or one session, will cost around $9,575 in Canadian dollars. This is incredibly cheap. We don’t believe you can find this low fee anywhere in Canada. Okay, that’s New Brunswick Community College for you.

3. Northern Lights College

The next school we’ll look at is Northern Lights College. Let us examine what they have to offer. Let’s look at the program. Okay, let’s check what programs they have. They offer the following Applied Science courses: bio science and environmental applied science.

They have three schools of art and media: performing arts, music performance, and visual fundamental arts. Atlantic Police Academy has Conservative Enforcement.

Northern Lights College offers accounting technology, administrative assistants, business administration, data analysts, and other services for businesses.

For Career Pathways, we have Community Studies and Computer Studies, which are practically all of our classes. Let’s see what their tuition is here. Their tuition is fairly inexpensive. They have roughly $1,000 in Canadian currency. So, this is your one-year tuition, which isn’t bad.

Are Canadian Colleges Worth It?

Worth it? Yes. Here in Canada, colleges are different than in America. You’ll only be given diplomas, certificates, advanced diplomas, and degrees.

The difference between a university and a college in Canada is that a university will offer you more advanced studies, and are typically about lectures and learning knowledge from textbooks. However, Canadian colleges are more hands on and prepare you for specific career.

Colleges in Canada are generally cheaper and sometimes offer similar programs as universities. Examples are social work and early childhood education,

At a university, you’ll complete a program in at least 4 years while colleges run for a minimum of 2 years. So, if all you need is diploma, you’ll quickly get than in a Canada college than in a university.


These are the 3 colleges that we researched, and we discovered that there are cheaper colleges than other colleges and universities, you know. You can apply for them. They are DLI schools and also provide postgraduate work permits. That’s it.

They are all simple to apply for admissions. So, go ahead and apply. And if you have anything to contribute to this publication, please leave your comments, recommendations, opinions, or thoughts in the comment section. And in our next post, we have something helpful coming up, so stick around.

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