Cheapest Accommodation in Canada for International Students

One of the things you’ll take into serious consideration before you come to study in Canada is accommodation. You need to be sure that there’s a place where you can store your belongings and sleep peacefully at night. It could be on campus, such as residents or Homestay, which is provided by the school or  a rental apartment off campus.

However, for this post, we will focus on accomodations available outside of school. We’ll show you how to discover lodging on a variety of reputable websites. You do not need to be in Canada to visit these websites. You may use them from your own country and make preparations before traveling.

But we’d want to issue a word of caution, though. You are accountable for your actions. Before making any commitments, conduct your homework on the finest and worst districts of town. Also, keep an eye out for fraudsters, as there will be a few on some of these websites.

Cheapest Accommodation in Canada for International Students

Here are ways you can find very cheap accommodations in Canada.

Facebook Marketplace

The next option is Facebook Marketplace. So, although Facebook Marketplace seems to be taking up the excitement from Kijiji, we recognize that it may not be accessible in every nation. So if you have Facebook Marketplace, that’s great. If not, if you know someone in Canada, you might ask them to search Facebook Marketplace for you.

So it will be quite similar to the others. You’ll be able to filter by location; you may enter your school address into the search box, or anything you’re searching for in a room, and then filter by rooms. You may choose a category and a price range, and then look at the photographs. We’re going to offer you the same advise we gave Kijiji: don’t pay any deposits for anything you see on Facebook Marketplace without first seeing the individual who submitted the item and personally checking out the property.

We do not want you to fall victim to any internet fraudster, particularly overseas students who are new to the country and may be too trusting of it. Yes, there are some terrible nuts, you know. Canadians are typically quite friendly people, but as you know, no society is perfect, so keep an eye out. Don’t pay money to a fraudster. Facebook Market is wonderful for this kind of stuff. We won’t overhype it, but it is handy.


Kijiji is a little old school, but it still works. You may search Kijiji using filters. If we look around Ottawa for lodging, we’ll find a few accomodations.

Kijiji will contain listings across Canada. You may find accommodation almost anywhere in Canada. And if you’re heading to the University of Ottawa, you should explore the downtown area. The Ottawa area has the advantage of being near to Gatineau, Quebec, and lodging in Quebec is often less expensive than in Ottawa. So many people who live and work in Ottawa, Ontario, reside on the other side of the river in Gatineau, the lovely city of Ottawa.

You should read the advertisement of each posting to see what the landlord or ad poster is looking for. And if you’re interested, you should write them a note to see if it’s accessible and then make arrangements. Inspect the property in person before making any deposits, since we’ve encountered a lot of fraudsters on Kijiji.

They’ll show you a beautiful mansion that seems too good to be true. You create a plan to visit the location, drive there, and then phone them. They offer you reasons like having to leave the country or travel, but you’ve seen the home from the outside and viewed images on the internet. If you like what you see, give them a deposit and they’ll mail you your keys. We promise it’s a fraud. If you see this, it’s a hoax.


It’s becoming popular in metropolitan places such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary. To find accomodations on PadMapper, just enter your location on the website. Make sure you physically see the property or meet with the person who posted the ad before making any deposits. Do not place a deposit on something you haven’t seen.


The first platform is Airbnb. Airbnb is mostly for people seeking short-term rentals or accommodations. If you acquired your visa late, you do not need to wait until you secure lodging before arriving in the country. You may arrive in Canada, discover an Airbnb, and book for as low as $40, depending on the city, each night. You may book it temporarily till you find a permanent answer to your housing needs.

However, some will urge that you stay at a hotel. Yes, you may use a hotel as well, however hotels will be somewhat more costly than Airbnb. And, as you can see from this Airbnb, you can apply filters, choose your area, and limit it down to your desired pricing. The rates will then be shown inside the custom must-have supplied.

And we’d say this is one of our favorite websites where international students can find cheap accomodations in Canada. We won’t claim it’s 100% safe, but it has good reputation. Almost every person you interact with on this website will be a qualified real estate agent in the province where you want to stay.

If you have any difficulties, you may report them to the real estate firm or brokerage where they work. The only downside of is that you won’t be able to locate a place for rent there. You’re more likely to see homes for sale, apartments, or houses for rent. So, whether you’re in the country with a sibling, a friend, or someone you know, pack up and rent an apartment from

Contact your school’s international office for cheap accommodation alternative

If you’re in the country by yourself, go to your school’s international office and ask if there are any other students searching; you could be interested in renting an apartment with them and splitting the cost. You never know, you could be fortunate enough to meet someone who shares your interests and wants to accomplish this together.

So, as you can see, it may seem pricey if you are renting alone, but we are certain it will be reasonable if you rent with others and divide the expense.

Some Locations Have Pricier Accomodations

Toronto; it is hardly the cheapest of places. In reality, Canada is experiencing a housing shortage, thus accommodations are becoming more pricey. Not only is housing becoming more expensive, but so is everything else. But don’t be scared; there are people who live here, and we’re certain you can do it as well.

There are many people going to Toronto. You may get a room or an apartment, but Toronto and Vancouver are not the cheapest options.


Id you follow these methods we have shown you, you’ll be able to find affordable accommodations here in Canada. Again, you have to be careful with people you deal with. Do not make payments to anyone who claims you have to pay to secure the house. Otherwise, you might just lose your money. Remember that some provinces can be expensive while some others are more affordable for international students.

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