Free PSW Course in Canada for International Students

Study PSW (Personal Support Worker) for free? OF COURSE, you can here in Canada. This is what this publication is about, so rest assured that by the end of this post, you’ll be on your way to getting admitted for PSW course for free.

We understand precisely what you’re thinking. Yes, it is true: tuition-free study in Ontario, Canada, is funded by the Ontario government.

In our previous post, we discussed the scholarships in Canada, and it’s just one of the ways to study without paying. We’ll guide you through the procedure, prerequisites, and how to apply for this tuition-free program. Let’s get started right away.

Free PSW Course in Canada for International Students

To apply for this program, follow these steps we will give to you carefully.

Go to Ontario College’s website and explore the vacancies; it will only take six months to apply for this tuition-free degree in Ontario. We’ll guide you through how to look into these programs, make an account, and submit an application.

The Ontario government has announced a 115 million investment to assist students training to become personal support workers in high-demand professions in health and long-term care. It’s just one of the Canada new immigration programs that we’ve talked about on this website.

But the good news is that students will spend 3 months in a clinical setting, completing courses and doing experiments. The last 3 months would also include paid onsite training in a community setting or long-term care facility.

So, the government is developing this software and making it available for free, they will also pay for on-site training. This is astonishing; it demonstrates the necessity of staying current with trends and in-demand occupations in Canada.

So now that you have the information, let us guide you through what you should do next.

  1. Click the link given earlier and go right to Ontario, where you will apply for a free PSW course.
  2. You will get a list of all the schools that offer these personal support worker accelerated programs. You can see all of the available ones, so what we’ll do now is select a college. So we’ll select a college, go right to their website, and begin the application process.
  3. So once you go to this page, which is the school you’ve picked since there are so many schools that offer it in Ontario, you’re going to choose one; it’ll be the same procedure as before, but all you have to do is verify the program details for each school.

Now, each school will allow you to explore the overview, courses, professions, and routes, as well as the qualifying requirements for applying to this program.

Once you’ve checked everything and everything fits, you’ll see where it says Apply Now – click the button; it’ll send you to this page where it says “International Application” and gives you further information to guide your application.

So, if you click this button, it will lead you to, where you may register an account with OCAS.

Once you’ve created an account at this college and answered all of the questions, you’ll be able to create a profile, and all you have to do is type in “PSW”, and as you can see right here, you have free courses to apply.

It is full-time. And the next step is to add, save, and then it will lead you through ordering your transcripts. You purchase your transcripts. All you have to do is go down, and you may add other applications if desired.

After that, you’ll follow the instruction, save, and proceed. It will ask you things such as:

“Have you applied before or no?”

You are going to save and continue. It will ask for your transcript; you will click here, pick “send your transcript now”, request, and go through that procedure; you will evaluate, and ultimately, you will complete your application payment, and you will have registered in this tuition-free program offered in Ontario.


That’s all, guys. Make sure you leverage the opportunity and get admitted into free Personal Support Worker courses. You won’t regret this. With your certification, you can go places in Canada, and eventually qualify to apply for permanent residency. Canada is one welcoming country where you should strive to be.

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