Jobs for International Students in Canada [Our Picks Just for You]

According to recent reports, overseas students are now permitted to work off-campus for more than 20 hours each week. We’ve compiled a list of some well-paying Canadian jobs for foreign students. Generally, you cannot work prior to the first day of classes, to start with. Work is only possible after courses have begun. Second, provided you are enrolled in a DLI school or other accredited institution, are already in Canada, and have commenced your studies, you are permitted to work more than 20 hours per week.

As long as you have a valid study permit, you can start working full-time. But just to remind you, your ability to work a full-time job depends on your ability to prioritize your studies. While it’s wonderful that students can now finally make as much money as they want, it’s important to strike a healthy balance between jobs and education.

Jobs for International Students in Canada

Having stated that, let’s go through the list:

Tutoring or teaching assistants

Consider working as a TA or tutor if you have a gift for instructing or supporting other students. You should expect to make between fifteen and sixteen dollars an hour on average. I’ve even asked a few of you how much money you make in this capacity, and some of you are really successful at it. Well done!

Delivery driver

Driving for a ride-sharing company like Uber or Lyft is one of the most sought-after side gigs in the world today. You can earn up to $19 per hour in addition to having the freedom to choose your own hours.

The only catch, of course, is that you have to own a car or make an investment in one. Even without one, though, you can still transport food on a bicycle or scooter for an average pay of $17 per hour, which is not too bad considering you get to fit in some exercise during the day.


Probably because of the flexible schedule it provides, this is one of the most popular occupations for students. Although it may not seem like much, servers and bartenders make, on average, eleven dollars an hour. However, tips are given, and from what I’ve heard, these tips may be very substantial.

Sales Associate

Becoming a sales associate in a retail establishment is another popular part-time career path for students. We used to do this ourselves while we were a student, and really enjoyed interacting with people, as well as the benefits of the discounts and the modest commission we received from sales. The typical pay here is between $15 and $16 per hour, and some of you have even disclosed your salary for this position, so we appreciate your openness.


A bookkeeper’s basic responsibilities include banking and keeping track of transactions such as sales income, invoices, payments, costs, and so on. Because of this, getting a career in this field may be quite rewarding, with the potential to earn up to $25 per hour. By the way, guys, you may find jobs that are comparable to this one that deal with money, and some of you were gracious enough to share your experiences with those as well.

Nanny or babysitter

Try your hand at being a babysitter or nanny and make an average of $14 to $15 per hour if you’re game for a challenge and have a natural affection for kids. If you would rather take care of a pet, you should know that dog walkers and pet sitters are in high demand in Canada. Yes, it’s a very wonderful job where you basically feed, walk, and transport your clients’ dogs to the vet when needed. An average salary of $14 to $15 can be earned here as well.

Receptionist or office assistant

The same individuals are referred to as administrative assistants, receptionists, and by other titles that sound similar. Their responsibility is to make sure that a business runs well behind the scenes. You can make up to $16–$18 per hour here.

Where Do International Students Find These Jobs?

You’re thinking—where do you even get these jobs? Alright, here are the top places:

1. Internet or social media

Yes, social media can accomplish anything at the current time. People exchange job advertisements on a plethora of social media pages and groups. Just exercise caution when looking for work online to prevent falling victim to scams.

2. Online job portals in Canada

You may easily access a multitude of alternatives with the touch of a finger by using online job search platforms like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, or Indeed.

Also, you can refine your search by changing your preferences, such as region or kind of job. Just remember to draft a thorough cover letter and resume, and if you need help, view some of our previous posts where industry professionals offer advice.

3. Job notice boards

The school bulletin board is the most likely location to find employment advertisements on campus. These days, kids can even quickly access career leads presented at schools with the use of digital bulletin boards or e-newsletters.

4. Networking with others

Occasionally, it’s more about who you know than what you know. Ask your teachers, coworkers, or fellow students about potential part-time occupations; I’m sure they know someone who would be interested in your skills.

Sometimes it’s preferable to polish your abilities and create an opportunity portfolio that draws in companies searching for people just like you. To be honest, it takes a while to grow and a great deal of commitment to see this through to the end before any fruit is produced. Since we’re balancing immigration and schoolwork at the same time, this may seem like a bigger mountain for students to climb, but try to make progress day by day; you never know where it might go.


The options are many, and some of you are taking advantage of even greater jobs for international students in Canada than those we’ve included here, but this list should be shared, particularly with those who are navigating this leg of their journey to Canada. Please, drop your part-time work and hourly wage in the comments section below, whether you’re making a lot of money or just want to share your experience.

That’s all, though. That’s all we have for now. As always, feel free to comment below if you have any advice for our other students. In any case, we really appreciate you for reading. As always, don’t forget to read our next publication to help you walk through your new life in Canada.

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