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Running a school is not as simple as it looks. Not only do the students learn but you also have to protect them from injuries and related situations. It turns out that some schools do not always have insurance for student injuries while they are at school. This is where school accident insurance comes in. You need a reliable insurance provider that can help protect your school, preferably one with the experience. Some providers offer additional insurance for accidents that can help families. This insurance is typically for students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Your School Needs Accident Insurance

As a school, you try your best to keep your students safe. But no matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen. Classes such as gym and sports are important for kids to stay active.

But these classes can be risky. Other school activities like marching band and drama also have their own risks. When parents send their kids to school, they need to think about these risks. This is why having accident insurance at your school is important. It helps cover these risks and gives peace of mind to families.

Insurance companies are aware that every school has its own specific requirements. They provide tailor-made insurance policies suitable for various types of educational institutions, including public schools, private academies, and charter schools. These school accident insurance plans are specifically designed to protect your students.

Typical Types of Insurance Policies

1. Around-the-clock plan

This plan offers non-stop coverage on school premises, effective 24 hours a day, throughout the entire year. It extends to all sports events, covering them whether they take place in the pre-season or post-season.

This policy is perfect for schools that are looking for comprehensive, year-round protective coverage for their students.

2. School-time-only plan

This policy is distinct from the Around-the-Clock Plan as it provides coverage only during school hours and the school year. It includes insurance for school-operated vehicles used for travel to or from the educational establishment. Additionally, any school-sponsored events that are properly supervised fall under the coverage of this policy.

3. Extended dental plan

An extended dental plan is a special kind of insurance for the teeth, especially useful if you are in school and play sports. You know, when you are running around and playing games, it’s possible to get a hit in the mouth, and fixing teeth can be expensive. This plan is there to help pay for these costs.

It’s a good idea for schools to have this kind of plan. It helps keep both the students and the school safe from big dental bills.

Also, there are rules and plans to keep kids safe when they’re at school or doing school stuff like clubs or sports. Parents should think about getting some kind of safety plan for their kids, especially if they are into after-school activities.

Reliable Providers for Your School Accident Insurance

AG K-12 Student Accident Insurance

A-G Administrators offers a variety of student accident insurance plans tailored for K-12 institutions. These plans are designed to help manage medical expenses and liability arising from accidents involving students and athletes.

Mandatory Plans

These provide secondary benefits to any personal insurance a student might have. They are compulsory for parents to purchase and help protect all students from out-of-pocket expenses, reducing the institution’s litigation risk and aiding in budget control.

Compulsory Plans

These plans cover injuries sustained during school hours and at school-sponsored activities, both on and off premises.

They include coverage for students participating in interscholastic sports and traveling to and from school activities. The premiums are paid by the institution.

Voluntary Plans

These 24-hour accident insurance plans cover injuries throughout the year, including weekends, vacations, and summers. They are similar to compulsory plans but are paid for by individuals, not the institution.

Interscholastic Sports Plans

These plans offer protection for student-athletes, managers, trainers, cheerleaders, and others involved in sports, covering injuries during tryouts, seasons, and travel to and from games and practices.

Catastrophic Injury Plans

Here, you will get up to $5,000,000 in medical expense benefits and an additional cash benefit of up to $500,000 for severe, life-threatening injuries. Institutions can customize these plans, choosing between different benefit levels and periods.

School Insurance of Florida

School Insurance of Florida has been providing accident protection for children in over 1,000 schools across Florida for more than 40 years. This organization offers specialized insurance plans tailored to the needs of various school districts in the state.

Parents and guardians can easily select and purchase insurance for their children by choosing their specific school district from a comprehensive list that includes Alachua County Public Schools, Baker County School District, Bay District Schools, and many others. Simply select your school district, find the relevant plan, and proceed with the insurance purchase.

JMG Insurance Corp’s School Insurance

JMG Insurance Corp offers insurance for parents who want to keep their children safe while in school. They believe it’s important for parents to have a way to protect their kids during school hours. JMG Insurance Corp promises to work hard to give parents the insurance plan they’re looking for.

You can either visit one of JMG’s 18 offices or reach out to them through their website. JMG Insurance Corp provides complete and high-quality insurance coverage for students.

K&K Insurance

K&K Insurance offers a range of school accident insurance plans, designed to provide financial protection for students. Their K-12 Voluntary Student Accident insurance includes options like 24-hour coverage, at-school coverage, and specific plans for high school football. This insurance can be particularly beneficial for families with high-deductible employer plans, as it can reimburse eligible medical expenses for children, helping to meet deductibles.

Diverse Coverage Options

They provide various plans, including 24-hour coverage and at-school coverage, catering to different needs and scenarios.

High School Football Insurance

A specialized plan for high school football players that acknowledges the higher risk associated with this sport.

Financial Relief for High Deductibles

For families with high-deductible employer plans, K&K’s insurance can cover children’s medical expenses, easing the financial burden.


Chubb’s Student Accident Insurance offers a comprehensive solution for schools seeking to protect their students and limit liability exposure. This insurance is designed for students from kindergarten through 12th grade, covering a range of school-sponsored activities and events.

Chubb offers both mandatory and voluntary plans, which can be primary, limited primary, or excess. These plans are customizable to meet the specific needs of each school and can include accident medical, accidental death and dismemberment, and accident dental benefits. The insurance is suitable for private schools, school consortiums, and purchase groups.

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