Top Part Time Jobs for International Students in Canada

Canada is a decent study destination, and a lot of us love it here as international students. However, you’d need some funds to back your stay so you don’t go broke. And depending on your home country, Canada might actually be a more expensive destination, so you need the money. In this post, we’ll be discussing the highest-paying positions in Canada that are available to international students today. It might be a good idea to acquire a job to help with some of your expenditures if you are a student in Canada or intend to study there.

So continue reading to find out more about how to make money in Canada. But if you read through to the end, we’ll reveal our best tip for helping overseas students who want to work in Canada.

Part Time Jobs for International Students in Canada

Each province in Canada has a different minimum salary; nonetheless, let’s assume that the average minimum pay is $14. The minimum wage is 13.5 in Quebec, 15.20 in British Columbia, and 14.35 in Ontario. You understand. All of these wages are constantly available online. So, let’s get in!

Hotel employee

Working at hotels is another part-time job for international students in Canada. There are many distinct professions in hotels, ranging from front desks to housekeeping. Once more, I would estimate that the salaries would be about 16. Of course, you’ll need fluency in English. Making and taking bookings is, I suppose, for responsible persons who pay close attention to detail, so you might require some expertise.

For if something goes wrong, individuals could not have a place to sleep that evening or something similar. Therefore, the front desk would be the ideal job for you if you enjoy interacting with people, are good with people, and pay close attention to detail. They also employ a lot of trilingual and bilingual individuals.

Therefore, it would be even better if you could speak Chinese, English, and, I don’t know, Ukrainian. due to the fact that hotels would be hosting travelers from various cities and nations. Thus, your trilingualism could be a big asset for this job.

Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers are the most common employment for international students. Here, Lyft and Uber are under discussion. For instance, working for Uber might earn you anywhere between 16 and 19. Additionally, if you work for Lyft, you can earn up to $22. The problem is that Montreal does not have Lyft service; it is only available in Toronto. Therefore, please confirm which cities have Uber and which have Lyft before applying.

What qualifications are required to drive? Firstly, a driver’s license—ideally a Canadian one—is required. Thus, if you’re still considering relocating to Canada and perhaps pursuing a career in driving, make sure you have a driver’s license in your nation of origin.

And remember to swap it for a local one as soon as you arrive in Canada. If you intend to work as a driver in Canada, it might not have an impact on your job status, but it is preferable to obtain a Canadian driver’s license. If you intend to work, say, in Montreal, you will also need to speak fluent French and/or English. Again, though, you won’t be required to pass the IELTS exam or anything similar. All that matters is that you are able to communicate well with others.


Receptionists are basically required everywhere here in Canada. Try to visit smaller locations and enjoy the local scene. For example, employing all the staff for a chain restaurant would take a very long time. Saying, “Giovanni, I would like to work for you,” at a little, family-run restaurant in Little Italy will get you a response like, “Okay, yeah, that’s good, that’s good.” It is not necessary for you to handle all of this corporate hiring. “All right, show me what you can do,” he will say. And that’s it.

Once more, a receptionist and a call center representative are similar in many ways; however, the receptionist position may require you to take and make reservations for guests as well as obtain office supplies. Once more, it depends on your workplace. Visit your neighborhood restaurant or fitness center and inquire about any openings for receptionists. You can make anywhere between eighteen and twenty dollars an hour as a receptionist. Given that it’s a corporate position, it may be like 18 or 20 dollars.

However, Giovanni might agree if you approach him and say, “Giovanni, I would like 21 dollars, not 20.” But it’s not reasonable, in my opinion, to aim for something like, say, thirty dollars an hour. However, up to about twenty-two dollars is quite acceptable for a receptionist position.

Restaurant employee

Employees in restaurants may receive lower pay. It is entirely lawful to do this. You can discover all the information on the province’s website if you Google that stuff. Why? Consequently, you will receive tips if you work at a restaurant. Thus, instead of paying you $14 per hour, they might pay you, say, $12.

However, you will make up for it with the tips. Therefore, don’t remark to me, “This is less than minimum wage,” if your company offers you, say, $12. Indeed, it is quite a steal in Canada.

Call center representative

Therefore, if you enjoy interacting with people, are good at speaking, or would just like to improve your English, a contact center isn’t the greatest location to do it. However, if you are proficient in the language and would like to speak with people more, you may always work as a call center representative. Call centers are found in practically every type of establishment, including banks, mobile phone companies, malls, and similar establishments.

Thus, call center employment are available if you visit the careers area of any website belonging to a company you prefer. Again, such kinds of professions require fluency in English. I know a lot of people who are like, “Oh, I’m super shy, I have an accent, my English is not perfect,” but don’t worry if you have an accent.

As long as you are able to communicate with others, comprehend their needs, and assist them in finding solutions, there is no need to worry. You’re going to be OK. The starting salary for a call center representative is $15 per hour, with the possibility of earning $20. Once more, everything relies on the business.

Personal tutor

Basically, you can always work as a tutor if you wish to assist your classmates with certain academic courses. Certain universities even allow you to work as a teacher’s assistant, both on and off campus. During our college days, we had second and third-year students assisting instructors with their lessons. As a result, they were both making money and assisting others. You won’t have to leave your campus, which is another plus.

In other words, you go to work on the same campus where you study. I believe this is just perfect. What is your potential income as a tutor? I believe it all depends on you since, for example, if you work on campus, your minimum pay may begin at $15 or $20 an hour. However, whether you work for a company, teach online, or just teach your mother tongue and advertise your services on Facebook, you can charge between $30 and $40 per hour. Once more, it depends on what you’re instructing.

I wouldn’t pay $50 an hour for an English class, for example, if that’s what you’re attempting to charge. However, $50 an hour seems reasonable to me if you’re teaching some hard material, like quantum mechanics or physics, or whatever. You can always work as a receptionist if you enjoy chatting with people.

Delivery job

You can always visit the websites for Uber and Lyft to locate the “Work with Uber” or “Work with Lyft” pages. The second category, which is deliveries, is somewhat related to the first. Anything from FedEx, DHL, and Goodfood delivery to UberEats, you name it. Once more, as cars are used for the majority of deliveries, you will want a driver’s license. Let’s imagine, though, that UberEats delivers meals in Montreal, allowing you to bike or stroll. Therefore, you can always ride your bike or even walk if you don’t know how to drive, don’t have a driver’s license, or haven’t exchanged it yet. However, confirm the criteria with your city.

Waiters, servers, and hosts

Speaking of restaurants, there are always jobs available for waiters, servers, and hosts. Those employment are in high demand everywhere and at all times because people need to eat. Restaurants hire people all the time. Starting pay for restaurant employment is between $11 and $12 per hour. However, unless you work as a dishwasher or in the kitchen, you will always receive tips. You will always receive tips if you work on the floor, which entails serving customers. Don’t overlook that as well.

Since it will take a lot of time to train a new server, you might need some experience for this one. If you have prior experience, you will at least be aware of what goes on in the kitchen, on the floor, and at a bar, so you won’t have to spend weeks on end teaching.

Try working at large corporate stores if you want to pursue a career in this field. Take Canadian Tire or IKEA, for instance. You could always begin as a sales associate, for example, and work your way up to manager status or something similar. Entry-level positions will therefore begin at roughly 13, 14, and so on, depending on the province. On the plus side, you might potentially make up to $20 if you manage others. We can mention a few people who managed a whole store after beginning their careers as salespeople. That’s a decent one, after all, particularly if you’re studying for four years. That’s ideal—you’ll need a job for four years.

Campus jobs

Any work done on campus is an added benefit for indolent individuals. beginning with the restaurant, library, tutoring, and Starbucks, much like everything else on campus. Literally, you’ll be working and studying in the same location. Thus, you can work from four to six or even four to seven if you study from, say, nine to three. This is ideal. You are not required to relocate if you reside in an apartment building or close to a university or college.

Furniture mover

Furniture can always be moved by a strong student. You can work for an IKEA-like retailer. They use delivery/movers all the time. Moving firms are always a good place to work. In other words, they arrive, cover the entire area, and then depart.

Some firms even relocate entire homes—they take the house and move it. Pay ranges from sixteen to seventeen, depending on the project and the company. Because they probably won’t pay you sixteen if you move into a three-story house; instead, they’ll probably pay you twenty or thirty. If any of you have experience working as movers, please share your salary information with us. It seems like a minimum-wage type of job. However, you may receive extra if it’s a large job or you move in a lot of goods.

Tips for Finding a Job Faster

They will first offer you seasonal work before moving on to full-time, part-time, or just extending your contract. Because retailers are unable to keep up with the volume of sales, they are hiring more staff. Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, well, maybe not so much, but just like Black Friday and Christmas, you will be hired immediately.

In addition, for every flower-themed festival, such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, I could practically see giant signs on windows in Montreal that read, “We are hiring, please come help us.” Stores will require additional assistance during the holidays because customers purchase a lot of goods. So remember that. Let’s say you visit in September; they will be hiring for Christmas and Black Friday. This is your chance to apply and say, “Hey, I would like to work for, let’s say, Black Friday,” and then, “Oh, I want to work for Christmas,” and then, “I want to work for Easter,” and so on. You get the picture, I promise.


So, that’s it about part time jobs in Canada for foreign students. Don’t forget to use every opportunity to get to network because it can open you up to much bigger opportunities here. Good luck!

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