Fighting against German roaches can make you feel as if you’re facing a massive attack. They have managed to survive for millions of years, making them a formidable adversary. However, with the best roach traps for German roaches and the right approach, you can keep them out of your home. German cockroaches are incredibly resilient, therefore, a multi-faceted approach may be necessary to effectively trap and eliminate them. This can involve bait gels and powders.

In this guide, I have recommended the most effective options, as well as advise you on what has been proven to be ineffective, such as kill-on-contact sprays, bombs, and foggers.


Best roach traps for German roaches

Best roach traps for German roaches

I owe this guide not just to my experience as a professional writer about pest-related subjects but also as a direct consumer of the products. My place as a pest writer has led me to interact with many experts in the field, peruse hundreds of pages of insect-related studies, and evaluate numerous products.

Also, as a resident of a rural area and a caretaker of various livestock, effective insect and pest control holds a personal significance to me. That being said, I recommend these best roach traps for German roaches:


1. Stingmon Bait Cockroach Trap – best children and pet safe

So, I’ve been in a relationship with the Stingmon Bait Cockroach Trap, one of the best roach traps for German roaches, for a couple of weeks now, and let me tell you, it’s been a match made in heaven. Or hell, if you’re a German roach.

First off, the kid and pet-friendly aspect is a big win. I have a toddler who puts anything and everything in his mouth, and a dog who thinks she’s a vacuum cleaner. Knowing that this roach trap won’t harm either of them gives me peace of mind. It’s like the ninja of pest control; it’s there, and it’s effective, but you’d never know it.


The adhesive on these roach traps for German roaches is like nothing else. It’s like the glue equivalent of a black hole. Roaches, ants, spiders, you name it, once they’re in, they’re not getting out. The adhesive is strong and long-lasting so I’m pretty sure if I stuck it to the ceiling, it would still be there next year.

The whole concept of the multi-entrance design is some real next-level stuff. It’s like a roach motel with an “All Welcome” sign that means “No Exit.” The 24 roach baits included are like the cherry on top of this pest-exterminating sundae. It’s like throwing a party that none of the guests can leave.

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Cleaning up, usually the part where I start swearing under my breath, is no sweat with this trap. You just pick it up by the handle and toss it. No mess, no fuss, no creepy-crawly remnants to give you nightmares.

So yeah, if you’re like me and your idea of a good time isn’t battling bugs, give the Stingmon Bait Cockroach Trap a whirl. It’s a game-changer, and I’m not just saying that because I’d rather watch paint dry than deal with German roaches.

TL;DR: Stingmon Bait Cockroach Trap is a non-toxic, kid and pet safe, super adhesive, multi-entrance, easy to place, and easy to dispose of roach killer. It’s the Rambo of roach traps. Get it, use it, love it. Over and out.

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2. MaxGuard Roach Non-Toxic Extra Sticky Box Traps – Best non-toxic German roach trap

First off, these roach traps for German roaches are non-toxic and insecticide-free. A literal godsend for anyone with respiratory issues that makes regular spraying a no-go. These traps use a super sticky adhesive that, while being annoyingly difficult to peel off the backing (more on that in a bit), is 100% safe and non-toxic. Bonus, it’s industrial-grade stuff, so these roaches don’t stand a chance.

The only real gripe I have? The glue backing and bait packages. Seriously, peeling off that backing nearly had me throwing a fit. I’d highly recommend donning some disposable gloves before you start. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. The bait packages? A couple of them tore and made a bit of a mess. Not a huge deal, but still a pain. And of course, they were a few baits short, but honestly, it didn’t seem to affect the effectiveness of the traps.

Now, let’s talk about effectiveness. These traps are legit. If your apartment is close to a ravine and you get more roaches than you care to admit, you need these traps. It’s like the German roaches went back to their buddies and said, “Man, stay away from that place, they’ve got some crazy sticky traps!”

As for size, they’re about as big as my hand from palm to fingertip. I’ve got pretty long fingers, so they’re not exactly small, but they’re not obtrusive. And they’re about as tall as my pinkie, give or take. So, they’re easy to tuck away in corners and such.

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No chemical smell. I’ve got one by my patio screen door and another inside, and it’s like they’re not even there. Well, except for the roaches stuck to them.

If you have a curious puppy, just be mindful of where you place these. Mine hasn’t shown much interest, but better safe than sorry, right?

Price-wise, these traps are a steal. I’ve tried other brands, but these are just as effective and lighter on the wallet.

In conclusion, if you’re in a battle with roaches like I am, do yourself a favor and get the MaxGuard Roach Non-Toxic Extra Sticky Box Traps. They’re safe, they’re affordable, and most importantly, they WORK. 10/10 would buy it again.

Let German roaches beware that you are armed and dangerous.

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3. “TRAP A PEST” Roach Traps Indoor Sticky

If safety is a big issue in my house, these roach traps for German roaches tick that box with a big, fat marker. Non-toxic, odor-free, and as unassuming as a slice of bread. They can sit in the corner of your room, minding their own business, while silently performing their lethal duty.

The ease of use is like 1-2-3, easy peasy, lemon squeezy. You peel, place the bait, fold, and boom, German roaches are stuck. You’re in business. And did I mention the bait is included? No more messing around with cheese or whatever else these critters are into these days.

Now, let’s talk variety. These traps aren’t picky. They don’t care if it’s a German roach, spider, scorpion, or some other bug that decided to take a detour into your home. They’re all invited to the glue party. And with 18 traps in a pack, we’re talking about a full-scale, bug-catching extravaganza.

But the cherry on top is the Trap A Pest Promise. Not satisfied? Hit them up, and they’ll sort you out.

Overall, the TRAP A PEST Roach Traps have earned my seal of approval. They’re safe, user-friendly, and effective, and they come with a promise. They’re the bouncer at the door of your home, telling those roaches, “Not on my watch, buddy!”

Rating: 5/5 would trap again.

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4. Terro T256 Roach Magnet Trap with Exclusive Pheromone Technology – best advanced German roach trap

I have encountered many roach species, including the resilient German roaches. My residence is situated in an area that was previously a rural farm field, teeming with various creepy crawlies characteristic of such surroundings. I have also come across centipedes, spiders of different species, water bugs (as we commonly refer to them), beetles of various kinds, bothersome crickets, ants, and so on.

Since I used these roach traps for German roaches, there has been a significant decrease in the insect population around our house. By “significant,” I would estimate it to be around 80-90%.

The traps feature roach pheromone, which is supposed to attract roaches. They come in a pack of 12. Each trap is relatively small, measuring about 2 by 3 inches. Make sure to handle them with care when separating them because they can easily stick to your fingers.

Inside the traps, there is sticky glue that contains a pheromone to attract German cockroaches. You shouldn’t place the Terro T256 Roach Magnet trap near windows as they can inadvertently draw bugs into your home. Instead, position them in dark areas like the kitchen, basement, or attic, or wherever you notice spiders, roaches, or other unwanted pests. I found that they do indeed work and are easily the best roach traps for German roaches.

Note that Terro T256 Roach Magnet German roach trap is designed to attract and capture and won’t solve the underlying problem if you have a larger infestation or a hiding place where the German roaches reside. In other words, they won’t eradicate the entire colony or eliminate the source of the issue. These traps are more suitable for addressing minor German roach presence rather than dealing with a widespread infestation.

One piece of advice I would offer to those who purchase these traps is to try positioning them in different locations over time. If you don’t catch German roaches within a few days, move the traps and continue experimenting until you find the most effective spots. The most fruitful location for me has been in the garage, specifically at the base of the garage door in the corner. There’s a small gap there through which we consistently catch multiple insects every spring and summer. I should note that if the gap is wide enough and you use a leaf blower to clear your driveway after mowing, debris may be blown into the trap, covering the sticky surface and reducing its effectiveness.

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Ps. The tops have access ports cut at 90° angles, ensuring that bugs can easily find their way in. The enclosed design prevents unsightly dead bugs from being visible. Unlike open sticky pads that stick to everything they touch, these traps are small and can be discreetly hidden. They are also versatile and can be placed in tight spaces with the help of adhesive tape. Consider utilizing them under countertops, shelving, or sliding drawers.

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5. HOY HOY Trap A Roach – Bait Glue Traps – Safe for kids and pets

I picked up these HOY HOY Trap A Roach bait glue traps along with a few other brands, playing a sort of Roach Hunger Games in my apartment. I have to say, while the HOY HOY traps weren’t exactly the Katniss Everdeen of the bunch, they did their part.

The roach traps for German roaches had a certain allure for the roaches. Imagine my glee when a “mama roach” decided to make one her personal maternity ward. Yep, she hatched her little roachlings right there on the sticky strip. Effective population control? Not so much, unfortunately. As much as I’d love to single-handedly rid my apartment complex of these unwelcome guests, these traps aren’t going to be enough to wage a full-scale war.

Pairing the HOY HOY traps with other methods like diatomaceous earth can give you a bit of an edge, especially if you’re not keen on introducing a bunch of pesticides into your living space. And the traps are pretty low maintenance – switch ’em out monthly, or more frequently if you’re dealing with a more serious infestation. Just don’t let them get too dusty or the sticky factor diminishes.

UPDATE: So here’s where things got interesting. I’d stashed one of these roach traps for German roaches under the fridge, you know, where the sun doesn’t shine and roaches like to party. When the exterminator came around to do his thing, he unearthed my forgotten trap. And oh boy, it was like a roach rave had gone down under there. The trap was packed with those nasty critters.

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The one thing I wish these traps had is a string or something to fish them out from under appliances. I mean, I can MacGyver it and add my own string, but it feels like a feature the company should consider adding.

All in all, if you’re in the market for some roach control that’s easy on the wallet and doesn’t involve potential harm to pets or people, the HOY HOY Trap A Roach bait glue traps are a solid contender. They may not be your sole solution, but they’ll definitely help keep the German roach raves under control.

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What you can do before spending money

Before you buy the best roach traps for German roaches, there are a few basic steps to consider that could resolve your German roach issue. I even discussed how you can expel German roaches overnight.

1. Eliminate access to their food sources

cockroaches invade your home for specific reasons, and it’s your task to eliminate those incentives. First, make it difficult for them to access food, water, and shelter, which are the three essentials for cockroach survival.

Cockroach problems are generally associated with poor sanitation. Make sure you store food in airtight containers, vacuum all crumbs from the kitchen floor, and maintain clean countertops.

Cockroaches are particularly fond of dog food, so keep them enclosed overnight.

Remember, you’re contending with a species that has survived for hundreds of millions of years. Your efforts might not yield success.

2. Kill any live roach you see

During your cleaning spree, exterminate any roaches that cross your path. Various items, such as shoes, rolled-up newspapers, and flip-flops, are suitable for this task. You can also employ a wet/dry vacuum cleaner (which you might already possess) to deal with roaches, be they alive, dead, or just parts of them. Wet vacuuming will stop roach debris – like shed skins, feces, and body parts – from scattering around the room.

3. Identify and remove German roaches from hideouts

If the issue persists, the subsequent step is to identify their hideouts. Cockroaches prefer tight spots. A content German cockroach will snugly tuck into a crevice, and back against one side and feet against the other.

Common hiding places include:

  • behind stoves,
  • in spaces where pipes emerge under the kitchen sink, and
  • around corrugated boxes

German roaches have a particular affinity for corrugated cardboard. The area around the refrigerator is also popular because the warmth from the compressor rises and enters the cracks in the cabinetry above the refrigerator. Refrigerators also serve as reliable water sources due to the defrost cycle that generates water and condensation around the seals.

4. Place the baits

Move on to baits, however, keep in mind that you’re challenging a species that has survived hundreds of millions of years. There’s a possibility that you might not succeed. If there were a surefire solution to every cockroach issue, it wouldn’t be this difficult to eliminate them. There is no magic bullet in any of these products. Nonetheless, it’s beneficial to have a variety of best roach traps for German roaches in your toolbox.

How German roach baits work

The most effective way to exploit German roaches’ natural behavior is to use bait traps, essentially food mixed with a slow-acting toxin. Since the poison doesn’t cause immediate death, the roach has the opportunity to distribute it among other roaches.

All the ways in which they spread the poison are utterly revolting. For instance, Adult females nurture their young by defecating and letting them consume the poison. So once the poison is ingested and subsequently excreted, it can still be lethal to cockroaches. Moreover, roaches frequently regurgitate, and that too can be consumed by other roaches. And let’s not overlook the direct cannibalism, where live roaches feast on the poisoned corpse of another roach.

Just don’t get overly engrossed in the specific active ingredients of the products. Roach baits with common toxins such as abamectin, hydramethylnon, fipronil, and indoxacarb should work, provided the bait is of good quality. However, there is a phenomenon known as bait aversion, where cockroaches reject the bait because they sense something in it that they find distasteful.

If that’s the case, be prepared to try different options if your initial trap placements don’t succeed. Even professional pest controllers change their bait every few months precisely for this reason.

Baits can be available in several forms—gels, powders, or housed within semi-enclosed bait stations (typically holding a liquid or a substance similar to peanut butter mixed with the poison). Each method comes with its pros and cons, but bait stations are the most user-friendly and provide the greatest protection against inquisitive children and pets. The best ones feature transparent tops, allowing you to check the status of the bait.

Bait stations, however, come with their own set of drawbacks. Given their larger size compared to a tiny dollop of gel or a sprinkle of powder, only a limited number can be practically deployed in a given area. Moreover, unlike gels and powders, bait stations cannot be inserted directly into a cockroach’s crevice.

Note: place at least one bait station within 1 to 2 feet of every suspected cockroach hiding spot.

Gels and powders operate on the same principle of combining food with a slow-acting poison, but they can be deployed more precisely and inconspicuously, which makes them a favorite choice in professional pest control. Gels and powders can be directly applied into the crevice where the roach resides, thereby leveraging the creature’s natural behavior. German cockroaches are lazy and will consume the first thing they encounter.

Final thoughts on best roach traps for German roaches

All the German roach traps mentioned above will be effective. However, other readily available products could potentially exacerbate your cockroach problem or even lead to your home exploding. Remarkably, if your house does explode, the cockroaches will likely survive.

Instant-kill aerosol sprays are easily found in physical stores and drug stores. However, they may also scatter and repel cockroaches to other parts of the building from which they could later return.

Total release foggers (also known as bug bombs) type of treatment is designed to fill an unoccupied room with insecticide to eliminate roaches. The truth, however, is that they are ineffective. The lack of air circulation in the confined spaces where German roaches live will cause the insecticide to fail to reach them. Moreover, you may miscalculate the required amount for your room size or detonate multiple bug bombs. The downside is that aerosol cans often use butane as a propellant. It can start creating a spark, which can cause an explosion, creating cracks for roaches to enter your home.

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