Mice in your home are pretty sneaky, and they keep out of sight as much as they can. This sneakiness makes it tough to figure out if you have a rodent problem. These critters are good at moving around in places, including ductwork, pipes, and various hidden spaces. They effortlessly travel from one apartment to another and generally look for any spot where they can stay warm and find something to eat. Now, if you manage to catch some, let’s say like 3, you probably have more. So, in this post, we will talk about it you caught 3 mice how many more you may have lurking around.

Caught 3 Mice How Many More

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If you caught 3 mice, you probably have 10 times as many. You may also be fortunate not to have any more left, depending on how recently these 3 moved into your apartment.

If you spot just a single mouse or rat in your home, chances are there’s a whole bunch more you’re not seeing. The best way to tell is indirect clues, such as whether there are droppings or not. But there’s more to keep an eye out for.

1. You saw a mouse but no droppings

One of the clearest signs of mice is their droppings. A typical mouse can leave behind between 50 and 75 pellets a day. They don’t just leave these in piles but spread them out, usually along walls.


If you just saw 3 mice but don’t see any droppings, it’s time to start a search. Mouse droppings look like little black rods, around 1/8” to 1/4” long, pretty much like a grain of rice. They’re squishy and moist when they’re new but get hard and dry after a day or so. Rat droppings are similar but bigger, about as big as a thumbnail.

Look in places like under cabinets, behind the kickboards, inside drawers, and other likely spots. Since mice can fit through tiny gaps, about the size of a dime, they could be just about anywhere. They often end up in kitchens, hunting for food. So make sure to check behind your oven, microwave, and other appliances for any signs of them.

Finding lots of droppings usually means that mice you have more than the 3 caught mice around. If the droppings are pretty big, it could mean either there are some older mice around, who are at least two years old, or that rats are present. If you caught older mice, that’s a double problem. Firstly, older mice like to settle in cozy, safe places – and you don’t want them thinking your home is the perfect spot for that. Secondly, if you have older mice, it often means there’s a significant mouse problem, maybe in a neighboring house or apartment.


It’s pretty unusual to see a mouse in your house but not find any droppings. But if you have looked everywhere, including your kitchen, and found nothing, your next step is to prevent an infestation. You should check around the outside of your house for any spots where mice might get in and seal up any openings you find.

2. You no longer hear scratching noise in your walls

You will usually find mice hidden in the spaces behind walls, where they can make quite a bit of noise, especially at night. If you caught 3 mice how many more? Well, in this case, you managed to get rid of them. You should then notice that these scratching sounds stop in your wall if you have no more mice around.

3. No new property damage

After you caught 3 mice, are there any more damages? If none, you probably no longer have mice problems. Mice are small critters that can cause a lot of damage. They tend to scratch and gnaw on things such as wood and plaster. They also leave behind urine, feces, and greasy marks. It’s often easier to spot the damage they cause than the mice themselves. If you are not seeing any new damage in your home, it might mean the mice have left. So, you may no longer have any mice or you caught 3.

4. You no longer see mice running around

Mice are night creatures and usually steer clear of open spaces. If you start seeing them openly in the main parts of your house, it probably means the infestation is pretty serious. However, if you don’t see any more mice after catching 3, it could mean that you have no more mice.

But, just because you’re not seeing mice doesn’t mean they’re completely gone. However, if you used to see them around and now you don’t, that’s a good sign that your treatment is working.

5. Wrong season

The wrong season could mean that all you had to deal with was the 3 mice you trapped. Mice usually look for warm places inside when it’s wet and cold outside. In Texas, for example, they tend to become more of a problem for homeowners starting in the fall and continuing through winter.

6. No more urine smell

Do you still perceive mice’s urine smell or see their urine stain? If yes, you still have micr after catching 3. Otherwise, they are gone. Mice use their urine for social communication and mating. This urine has a pretty strong smell. If you start to notice that this smell is fading, it could mean that there are fewer mice around.

What to Do if You Caught 3 Mice

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So, we have been able to help you determine how many more mice you might have. But note that there is no specific number. So, what do you do next?

First, stay calm. Mouse infestation can be solved. It’s time to do some detective work. Look for mouse droppings, which are a clear sign. Notice where they are and how old they look. Also, listen for any scratching or other sounds in your walls. Mice are most active at night, so if they are far from your bedroom, you might not hear them unless you are up late.

You also need your sense of smell. Mouse urine has a strong, stale smell, kind of like old human urine or even popcorn that has gone bad. Mice often urinate to mark their territory, so the smell can be quite noticeable.

Bait your home

Depending on how bad the infestation is, it could take anywhere from a few days to about three months to clear a house of mice. You can start by preparing bait that mice love, such as peanut butter. You can also use bait stations which are made up of poison pellets wrapped in a material that mice can chew through, such as plastic or paper. They usually have a peanut butter flavor, which attracts mice. The idea is for the mice to eat the bait and then take it back to their area, where other mice might also eat it. However, the risk is that if a pet eats a poisoned mouse, it could get sick or even die.

Set up mouse traps

Traps can kill mice quickly and make it easy to get rid of them. But for traps to work, you have to put them in the right places. Since mice don’t go far from their home, you need to figure out where they are living. Place traps at right angles to walls, because mice often run along walls. This way, they are more likely to run into the trap and set it off.

Mouse-proof your home

Besides getting rid of the mice you already have, you also want to stop new ones from coming in. Mouse-proofing your home means focusing on two main things: keeping things clean and blocking any places they might get in. First, get rid of not just loose food, but also crumbs and leftovers.

Mice can survive on just four grams of food a day, so even little bits are enough for them. Also, keep your food in glass or heavy plastic containers. Mice can chew through cardboard and thinner plastic.

Then, block any openings that are bigger than a quarter-inch. This means filling in holes around pipes, sealing cracks in the foundation, and making sure doors and windows close tightly. Using steel wool and metal screens can be effective in keeping mice out.

How Professionals Deal with Mice Problem

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Pest control professionals typically use careful and humane mouse removal techniques that are effective. It’s safe for your family and environmentally friendly. Here are 3 common steps:

1. On-site Evaluation

They start by thoroughly inspecting your home to understand the specific nature and severity of your mouse problem. Based on this, they will create a tailored plan for removal. This might include snap traps, bait stations, live trapping, or other methods suited to your situation.

2. Decontaminate and remove debris

Once they’ve dealt with the mice, they’ll help you prevent future issues by cleaning up and removing debris. A pest control company will also advise you if the cleanup job is particularly big.

3. Protect your property

Lately, they’ll make sure to block any entry points and take other steps to mouse-proof your home against future invasions.

Mice are problematic houseguests, and getting rid of them by yourself can be difficult, sometimes even impossible. For the best results, contact your local pest professional as soon as you notice a mouse or any signs of rodents.

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