How to get a mouse out from under the washing machine

Tired of dealing with mice wreaking havoc in your home and damaging your washing machine? If so, we’ve got you covered with some helpful tips on how to get a mouse out from under the washing machine. Mice are a widespread issue for homeowners, and they frequently gain access to homes through gaps under doors and in walls.

The most concerning aspect is their tendency to gnaw on the wiring of washing machines, resulting in the destruction of the insulation and causing substantial harm in a short period.

How to get a mouse out from under the washing machine

How to get a mouse out from under the washing machine
Underneath my washing machine

In this section, we’ll delve into the best methods we have personally tried, evaluated, and found to be effective to help you get a mouse out from under the washing machine:

1. Clean up your washing machine area

Mice are likely to be drawn to your washing machine if there are food leftovers in the vicinity. To deter them, keep the area around your washing machine clean and tidy.

You also want to regularly clean your entire house, dispose of waste properly, and store food in a secure location that is inaccessible to mice.

Make sure to sweep up any debris around the washing machine and thoroughly clean the surrounding area. In case of any droppings around your washing machine, use a gentle cloth or paper towel to clean the sides and base of the machine.

2. Properly organize the cords and cables

Secure the wires of your washing machine to the wall with cable clips to prevent mice from accessing the area. For added protection, consider using zip ties, which are easy to install, remove, and hide, and are cost-effective, costing only a few cents each.

Consider buying zip ties in bulk and use as many as needed to cover the wires and keep them away from the reach of mice to help get a mouse out from under the washing machine. Besides, mice damage is usually not covered by insurance.

Furthermore, make use of string, twine, or clips to bundle your wires and cords together neatly, then tuck them under the washing machine in an orderly and suitable manner.

By doing so, any pests that may be lurking near your washing machine won’t be able to access it again.

3. Place humane traps near your washing machine

Mouse traps are an effective solution to keep mice from accessing your washing machine and help to get a mouse out from under the washing machine.

Some mouse traps instantly kill the mice they capture, providing a quick solution to mouse populations. Alternatively, live mouse traps allow for the release of the captured mice.

Furthermore, it’s recommended to place traps in areas with high mouse activity, such as dark corners, spaces along walls, near washing machines, and behind objects. In general, using poison bait is not the optimal option as it presents a danger to children and pets, whereas traps do not carry the same risks. Even glue traps are not reliable.

4. Place repellents next to your washing machine

For example, the scent of white vinegar naturally repels mice, making it an effective solution for deterring them from your washing machine.

Mice have a keen sense of smell, so they will steer clear of areas that have been sprayed with white vinegar or contain cotton balls soaked in them. Nevertheless, not all mice will be deterred by white vinegar.

Also, you can soak a few cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them near your washing machine. The strong scent will serve as a deterrent to mice. When the scent of the cotton balls begins to fade, replace them with fresh ones to get a mouse out from under the washing machine.

5. Consider using essential oils

Mice can generally be prevented with essential oils. Aside from their effectiveness as cleaning agents and insect repellents, essential oils have potential health benefits, including aiding in weight loss and alleviating asthma symptoms.

Certain essential oils, such as peppermint oil, lemon oil, citronella oil, and eucalyptus oil, have the potential to repel mice or even get them out from under the washing machine.

You can create an essential oil spray yourself. Mix 2-3 tablespoons of the oil with one cup of water or rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Then, spray it around the exterior and underneath your washing machine.

6. Get rid of the nesting material and droppings

This step is simple but requires effort to implement effectively and get a mouse out from under the washing machine.

The initial step is to create a solution to disinfect the nest and any mouse debris you may encounter, such as droppings or dead mice. The most effective formula is a mixture of 9 parts water to one part liquid bleach.

The next step is to put on gloves and a mask. Once you spot mouse droppings, sanitize the area where they were found. Gently remove the droppings using a paper towel and place them in a trash bag. Disinfect the interior of the bag, seal it, and place it in another bag. Remove the trash promptly.

7. Sanitize the machine area

Finally, clean and sanitize the area of the washing machine once again. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner or broom to dispose of mouse droppings, as they may release particles carrying the potential risk of disease into the air.

Sanitize the mouse corpse and the surrounding area, then use a paper towel to carefully place the mouse body into a trash bag. Seal the bag and put it inside another bag for disposal.

Clean and disinfect the area once again. Eliminate any nests and nesting materials found in the location where they were discovered. Live mice can be captured using a jar with food bait and relocated to a remote location.

8. Dispose of the mice evidence

Don’t forget to apply disinfectant over the nest and nesting material, then use a paper towel to place them into a trash bag, which is sealed and put inside another bag.

Once you have disposed of the nests, nesting materials, and any other mouse debris, wash your gloves thoroughly, discard the gloves immediately, and wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Why do I keep finding mice in my washing machine?

Mice can gain access to your washing machine through drainage pipes that are inadequately sealed. If there are cracks or openings around pipes under your sinks, washing machines, or other plumbing fixtures in your home, mice may be able to penetrate.

Also, mice are attracted to food, so if you have any food residue or spills in your washing machine, this could be attracting the mice.

Lastly, if your washing machine is in an area easily accessible to mice, such as a basement, garage, or laundry room, that may be serving as an attractive place to nest.


Apart from posing health risks, mice presence in your home can wreak havoc such as when they gnaw on the electrical wires of your washing machine and other appliances.

If you want to avoid significant problems with unwanted pests, this article has outlined the top ways to do so efficiently.

Keep these pesky rodents at bay by cleaning the area around your washing machine to eliminate their food source. Additionally, place traps in other areas where they are known to be frequent.

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