Rats, like humans, do not like the strong smell of bleach. That said, you can’t make homemade rat poison bleach, that’s because bleach on its own is a rat deterrent.

You cannot just spray bleach around and the rats will leave. It doesn’t work that way. They might avoid that area, but they will not leave your house. Instead, rats will make nests in your roof or basement. It’s not a good idea to spray bleach at their entrances or exits. If rats are determined, they will find another way in and damage your property. Bleach can help temporarily; it’s not a permanent solution you can solely rely on against rodents.

Do Rats Dislike the Smell of Bleach?

Bleach is a special cleaning product that’s often used to remove stains, especially from white clothes, and to clean and disinfect spaces like floors and walls. It has a strong smell that can be unpleasant. It even irritates some people who will try to avoid getting it near their noses – it can hurt your nose and even your eyes. The same applies to rats – they dislike the strong, chlorine-like smell of bleach due to a chemical reaction that occurs as the bleach breaks down proteins.

Rats will retreat when they smell bleach. It does not matter if you have irresistible food such as cheese, peanut butter, and chocolate meant to lure them. Therefore, if you want to deter rats, expose them to the smell of bleach.

Homemade Rat Poison Bleach to Keep Rodents Away

Homemade Rat Poison Bleach

You can mix bleach with anti-rat sprays to make your own pest repellent. It works just as well as store-bought rat repellents. Also, bleach’s cleaning power can help get rid of different household pests. The key lies in how you prepare and use bleach. Follow these steps to make homemade rat poison bleach that deters.

1. Clean and Disinfect the Area with Bleach

Spray where you notice rat activities. Let the rats leave by keeping that area open. While people can handle bleach smell a bit, it’s better to mix it with water so you can stay in your home despite the strong odor.

2. Clean the Nests

Use bleach to clean any rat droppings you notice in the area. When you apply bleach, it gets rid of germs and sickness-causing stuff.

Rats can make people sick, so this step is really important, especially if you have kids at home. You want to wear gloves when cleaning rodent droppings. The CDC recommends rubber or plastic gloves. Also, do not vacuum or sweep rat droppings, otherwise, you will just spread and inhale the germs airborne.

3. Add peanut butter

If you want to attract rats in the first place, you will need peanut butter. Rats can smell peanut butter from afar. However, the pungent smell of bleach may deter them from coming any closer. With bleach, mix a spoon of bleach with two spoons of peanut butter.

Rats like peanut butter, but you need to only use a small amount of bleach so that it does not overwhelm the peanut butter smell. Rats can die in a day or two if they ingest bleach. You can now say that you used homemade rat poison bleach.

4. Place Bleach Balls Around

Soaking bleach in balls is a clever solution that works. However, it only deters rather than serves as rat poison. You need to get creative. Pour bleach into a container, dip a cloth in it, and make a cloth ball. Put these balls where you notice rat activities. When these damp balls are placed around your house, the rats are more likely to go away. You have to frequently replace the bleach balls after a few days as the pungent smell will eventually run out.

5. Consider Sprinkling Bleach Solution

If you find out where the rats are coming from, you can just sprinkle bleach there. This does not serve as homemade rat poison bleach. If you know you have rats but do not know where they are coming from, sprinkle the bleach solution in dark areas and along your walls. You should also target tiny openings and holes leading inside your home.

Tips on Using Bleach to Eliminate Rats

Consider these tips if you have rats and need to get rid of them with homemade rat poison bleach:

  1. First, make sure the place you’re working in has good airflow. Breathing in the fumes from sodium hypochlorite for too long can be bad for your health.
  2. Wear gloves and eye protection, and avoid spilling it on your skin or clothes because it can irritate them.
  3. Figure out where the rats are coming in from.
  4. Close up any holes in your walls, repair broken screens, and fill the gaps around your doors and windows.
  5. After you stop rats from getting in, it’s time to apply the bleach solution. You can make homemade rat poison bleach using tasty bait like peanut butter or cheese to lure in rats to eat the bleach.
  6. Place the bleach balls in dark areas where rat activities are most common.
  7. Consider placing or sprinkling bleach along walls where rats are most likely to use it as pathways.

If bleach gets on your skin, wash it off right away with lots of water. You need to be careful not to get bleach in your eyes.

Conclusion – Homemade Rat Poison Bleach

Bleach is not a permanent rat control solution. Moreover, you cannot solely rely on bleach to get rid of rats. If you notice a severe infestation, you should reach out to your local experts to deal with these persistent rodents. Professionals will offer top-notch rat removal services to secure you a rat-free home.

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