In addition to various methods for tackling a mouse infestation in your home, there are cost-saving and resourceful ways to address the issue using items you likely already have on hand. That being said, this guide shows you how to get rid of mice with cat litter instead of just disposing of it.

Cats are primarily predators of mice and are the go-to solution for controlling mouse populations. However, cats are now more pampered than ever and their instincts to hunt mice have diminished, although they still exist. But their litter? It is still as effective as ever.


How to get rid of mice with cat litter

How to get rid of mice with cat litter

So, your primary requirement is kitty litter for mice control which will be easy to get if you keep a pet cat. Otherwise, you could just get it from someone who keeps a cat. Below are the steps to get rid of mice with cat litter:

1. Gather the materials

You will need the following materials for your cat litter repellent:

  • plastic bowls
  • trays
  • gloves
  • scoops, and
  • cat litter

Many cat litters will reduce the odor of cat waste, but for this purpose, you will want to use a cat litter that has the opposite effect. If possible, you want to use an unscented or low-cost cat litter to minimize the strength of the scent.

2. Look for signs of mice

To start, confirm that you’re actually dealing with mice in your home. Here is a guide to help you distinguish between rats and mice in your home.

These pesky creatures can be hard to spot, but you can look for signs of their presence such as droppings near food sources, nests, chewed materials, and small holes in furniture and walls.


3. Identify their entry points

Typical mice entry points include windows, doors, and heating vents. Keep in mind that these pests can squeeze through small holes and cracks in walls and other household items, so be thorough in your search. It is no news that a mouse can get through a small, 6-7 mm hole, which is about the diameter of a normal-sized pen.

4. Collect some kitty litter from the cat box

Make sure you are wearing gloves before you scoop some kitty litter from the cat box to get rid of mice.

Kitty litter should have been used by the cat before scooping. Focus on removing the litter from the area where the cat has urinated.

5. Place the kitty litter around mice hideouts

Transfer the litter to a plastic bowl or pan, and place the container near areas where mice frequently travel.

Repeat this process several times for maximum effectiveness. The odor of the urine in the kitty litter will repel the mice, as they will suspect that a cat is waiting to paw on them near the openings when they would try to enter.

Contact your local pest control

If you suspect an infestation, it is best to consider reaching out to your local pest control. In cases of severe mice infestation, you may find it challenging to get rid of mice with cat litter.

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