If my neighbour has mice will I get them? You may get the mice too. Dealing with pests such as mice can be a real headache, especially if they’re coming from your neighbor’s property. It’s not just annoying; it’s a health concern too. Mice from next door can mean trouble for you if nothing is done about it. A mouse in a neighbor’s property once in a while isn’t a big deal, but it’s a different story if there are many. So, you want to keep these critters out of your own house for good.

If My Neighbour Has Mice Will I Get Them?

If My Neighbour Has Mice Will I Get Them?

If your neighbor has mice, there is indeed a possibility that you might get them too. Mice are known to explore their surroundings extensively, especially when searching for food, warmth, or new nesting sites. If your home is near your neighbor’s, it could become a target for these rodents.

Mice can enter homes through very small openings. They are attracted to places where they can find food and shelter. Therefore, it’s important to seal any gaps or openings in your home, maintain cleanliness to reduce food sources, and regularly dispose of garbage.

How Do I Keep Mice Away from My Neighbors?

So, what can you do if you spot mice on your neighbor’s property and fear that they might enter yours? Let’s start with the simplest solution.

Engage in a Respectful Dialogue

It’s important to keep a good relationship with your neighbors. So, if you notice a mice issue at their place, don’t jump to conclusions. They might not even know about it. The key is to approach them nicely, not like you’re complaining about their property.

Just go over and tell them what you’ve seen. For instance, if their yard looks unkempt or if their chickens seem to be attracting mice, mention it. Ask if they’ve noticed it too. They might already know about it and be dealing with it. If that’s the case, you can just wait and see if things get better.

But if they don’t know, the problem could be their garbage attracting pests. You can gently suggest that. Remember, the goal is to be helpful and friendly, not bossy or confrontational. You’re just letting them know what’s happening.

Seal Any Openings or Access Points

If talking to your neighbors about the pest problem doesn’t help, your next move should be to block any gaps or entrances in your home. This stops the mice from getting into your place. If your house has a cellar or basement, make sure they can’t get in there.

Also, consider what makes your home attractive to pests like mice. Keep your home clean and free from garbage. Make sure your bins aren’t drawing in mice and adding to the problem.

Explore Expert Pest Control Solutions

If you have tried dealing with mice in your home but they are still around, it might be time to contact professionals. They know how annoying and worrying this can be, so they can quickly and effectively help control mice infestation.

Sometimes, the problem might come from your neighbor not doing their part. You can try your best, but if it’s not enough, you might need to talk to the local authorities, especially if there’s a rat issue next door. And hey, you can always suggest us to your neighbor too.

Contact Your Local Authority

If your neighbor isn’t helping, it might be time to notify your local council. This is a last-ditch option when you think there’s a real health risk or danger to people and nothing else is working.

The council will send an environmental health officer to inspect your neighbor’s property. If possible, prepare evidence of sighting mice on the property, as well as when you had a conversation with your neighbor about the pest problem.

This Little Device is Why Your Neighbor Never Has Pests

If your other neighbors are not complaining or worried about the mice, then they are using ultrasonic animal repellents to keep the pests away.

1. LXPVSA Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

I recently tried the LXPVSA Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, a 4-pack set, in my home. Before using it, I had a persistent issue with mice on my screened porch, evidenced by droppings on my outdoor pillows, despite using various traps.

However, after plugging in one of these repellent devices, the mice problem vanished. The process is simple: just plug it into an electrical outlet. The device starts working when its blue night light is on.

You need to install it vertically, at a height of 7-31 inches from the floor, and ensure it’s not obstructed by curtains or cabinets. Since using it, I’ve noticed no more rodent droppings, which is a significant relief. You should get results within 1 to 2 weeks.

2. Bectine Store Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

If you’ve never had mice in your house but suddenly find yourself dealing with them because of your neighbor, it can be quite a shock. You might resort to traditional methods like traps and mouse poisons. However, these solutions can be distressing and need constant replacement. So, consider this ultrasonic pest repeller.

This ultrasonic pest repellent is user-friendly and safe for humans and pets, as they don’t emit any radiation. It can cover an area of 80 to 120 square meters, and optimal results are usually seen after 2 to 3 weeks of continuous use. Installation is simple: just plug them in. They come with blue lights that can be turned on or off—useful if you want a night light in places like the kitchen.

3. Palmkelle Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

You might find the Palmkelle Newest Ultrasonic Pest Repeller to be useful if you’re dealing with mice due to neighbors, especially in places like your garage. Just like when you received these deterrents, you might notice an immediate effect—the pests could disappear the same day. Regular checks might confirm that they’re indeed gone.

Even if you’re prepping for a vacation in your RV and discover signs of a mouse, this product could be your answer. You’ll likely be pleased to find your space mouse-free. For the best results, install the devices 8-27 inches off the floor for ground pests and 30-50 inches for flying pests. It has a coverage area of up to 1200 sq feet, and you’ll consider buying it again because it is effective.

Professional Solution is Your Best Solution Right Now

While you might believe that handling a mouse infestation on your own is straightforward, DIY mouse removal methods often fall short in the long run. Initially, these methods might seem effective, but there’s a high chance the mice will return, potentially in larger numbers. This recurring problem is where professional wildlife control services make a significant difference.

Professionals do more than just remove the mice. They expertly seal off entry points to stop mice and other animals from entering your home again. They also decontaminate areas where the mice have lived.

Moreover, cleaning up after an infestation can be hazardous, exposing you to pathogens. Professional services are equipped to handle these dangers effectively, making professional mice removal a far superior option compared to DIY methods.


So, yes, you will possibly get mice if your neighbor has them. There is only little you can do to get a neighbour to control mice presence on their property, however, you can do so much on your own to protect your property.

Do not wait for a small pest problem to turn into a big headache. Reach out to your experts for help with mice and other bugs that might be bothering you.

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