Cockroaches outside my house at night, what do I do? It’s difficult to picture roaches scurrying about at night while you’re soundly asleep. But, as nocturnal beings, cockroaches are indeed most active at night. They spend these hours searching for food, which could be anything from kitchen crumbs to glue on stamps in a drawer. Roaches usually hide during the day, so seeing one then might indicate a serious infestation.

Cockroaches Outside My House at Night

When you see cockroaches outside your house at night, you might be dealing with an interior infestation soon. These pests are not only unsightly but can also pose health risks if they find their way inside your home.


I usually advise homeowners to first of all know why they are attracted to their property and make sure to make your outdoor area less inviting to roaches at night. This can include removing food sources, sealing entry points, and maintaining a clean environment.

I particularly found that outdoor lighting that doesn’t attract insects works. You can use natural repellents can help keep cockroaches away. If the problem persists, then it’s really necessary for you to consult your local pest control professional.

Why Are There Roaches Outside at Night?

Roaches are nocturnal, meaning they are more active during the night. This is when they search for food, water, and mates. The darkness provides them with a sense of safety from predators and also helps them avoid the heat of the day.


Also, outdoor lights can attract roaches, as they are drawn to light sources at night. As an expert, I’ll also inform you that if food and water sources are abundant outside, such as in garbage bins or pet food bowls, roaches will be more likely to congregate in these areas during the night.

What Do Roaches Do At Night?

Roaches, being nocturnal, are generally inactive while you’re awake. During daylight, they shy away from sunlight, preferring dark, moist spots in your home.

However, come night, they actively search for food, eating almost anything and able to navigate through your dark kitchen to find crumbs. Studies indicate that cockroaches are most active at night, particularly just before midnight.


What Do I Do About Cockroaches At Night?

1. Identify the Roach Infestation

When checking for roaches outside, look for places they might get in, like cracks or gaps around doors, broken window screens, and holes in walls. Also, check inside around the edges for any small spaces they could crawl through. Make sure doors and windows are sealed tightly to keep them out.

2. Mix Reclaim IT and Martin’s IG Regulator

To deal with roaches outside, start by mixing an insecticide called Reclaim IT with something called Martin’s IG Regulator, which stops their growth. The insecticide kills the roaches, and the growth regulator stops young roaches from becoming adults and stops eggs from hatching. For Reclaim, use 0.33 to 1 ounce per gallon of water. For Martin’s IG Regulator, it’s 2 ounces per gallon. This mix will cover 1,000 square feet. Put half a gallon of water in a sprayer, add Reclaim and IG Regulator, close it, and shake well. Then add more water up to the one-gallon mark and shake again. Now it’s ready to use.

3. Spray the Mix Outside Your House

Spray this mix around the base of your house and fence, making a barrier three feet high and three feet out. Also, spray where you see possible entry points like doors, windows, and places where pipes come in. It might take up to an hour for an adult roach to die after touching the spray. The young ones will die over time as they can’t grow up or have babies.

4. Apply an Insecticide Bait

After you’ve treated the perimeter of your structure, it’s time to use an insecticide bait like Ficam. Ficam is a granular insecticide that’s ready for use without any need for mixing.

When applying Ficam, use about 2 to 4 pounds for every thousand square feet of the area you’re treating, or in simpler terms, 3.2 to 6 ounces for every 100 square feet. Open the container and remove the seal. Then, hold the container around four to five inches above the ground and gently shake it to spread the product in bands that are two to four feet wide around your treatment perimeter.

Pay special attention to the entry points you identified earlier. In tight spaces, use a duster to apply Ficam. After baiting your structure, use a handheld spreader to evenly distribute Ficam around bushes, shrubs, and trees.

5. Focus on Exclusion and Cleanliness

Do the following:

  1. Fix any broken seals on doors and windows, and fill in cracks and crevices both inside and outside using copper mesh and caulk.
  2. Clear away any outdoor clutter like wood and bricks, as these can be ideal hiding spots for roaches.
  3. Keep the inside of your structure clean by regularly vacuuming floors and washing dishes.
  4. Dispose of trash daily and ensure your bins close properly.
  5. Avoid leaving any food or water outside overnight, including pet food.

These few tips will really keep cockroaches out of your exterior or yard at night.

Conclusion–Cockroaches Outside My House at Night

When you see roaches outside your house at night is time to call local roach exterminators. Even a single roach suggests a larger problem in your home. Your local pest control company can eliminate any active infestation and implement prevention strategies to keep roaches away permanently.

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