You might not know you have rats at home until you see the damage they make. Rats are experts at hiding and can cause big issues in houses. However, you can get rid of them in many ways, and one such is killing rats with paracetamol.

You don’t have to wait until things get worse and worse and make you feel bad. Rats not only damage stuff, but they also make things dirty and spread sickness. Thus, you need to learn how to remove rats from your house, and this article will show you how to use paracetamol to get rid of rats.

What Exactly Are Rats?

Rats are medium-sized rodents that are related to mice, shrews, and moles. They are part of a group called Rodentia. Rats are really good at adapting, so they can live almost anywhere except in really cold places like Antarctica. And due to this, they are found all over the world and are pretty common in homes.

Rats have been here for a really long time, millions of years actually, and they are pests that we often see a lot. They are good at changing to fit wherever they are. Rats might have started out in the wild, but as humans changed things around, rats learned to live near us too. Moreover, these critters are intelligent – they have even learned to drive tiny cars to lower their stress levels, according to BBC News.

What is the Origin of Rats?

It is hard to know exactly where rats came from, but some people think they started in Asia. This is particularly thought to be true for Norway Rats and Black Rats, two very famous types of rats. When Europeans went to Asia and then traveled to other places, rats went along with them on ships and in containers.

Rats again hid on ships and cargo, and when people moved to the Americas, the rats came too. They settled in North and South America as humans started new communities there.

Paracetamol (acetaminophen)

Do you believe that taking lots of painkillers is safe? Well, think again. Acetaminophen, a painkiller that many people use, is the most common cause of acute liver failure if overdosed, according to Cedars Sinai.

This is because more people are accidentally poisoning themselves with it. Acetaminophen is known as Tylenol and is considered quite safe for most people. Out of around 100 million users every year, only a few get liver problems.

But the harm can be so bad that it might lead to death or needing a new liver. Liver experts who care about this issue think that the harm could be stopped before it happens.

Killing Rats with Paracetamol: How to

Killing Rats with Paracetamol

If you give rats the right amount of paracetamol, it can work like poison. Usually, around 200-400 mg of paracetamol for every kilogram the rat weighs can be deadly.

To make a grown-up rat sick, they would need to eat a lot of paracetamol. Simply put, if rats eat too much paracetamol, it can end up killing them.

Here are some easy tools and steps to use paracetamol to get rid of rats:

Killing rats with paracetamol in simple steps

  • Put the crushed paracetamol in a bowl.
  • Add a little water.
  • Mix it until it becomes a paste.
  • Mix it with the food rats like.
  • Put it where you usually see rats.

Other Medicines for People that Can Kill Rats

For many years, people have used certain medicines that are harmful to rats. These medicines, often called anticoagulants, stop the rat’s blood from clotting, causing them to bleed internally and eventually die.

Here are some human medicines that can get rid of rats:

1. Indocin (indomethacin)

Does Indocin work to get rid of rats? Indocid is a medicine that reduces fever. Usually, it is used when you are in pain and have a fever. Interestingly, Indocid is really good at killing rats. That is why it is often used to get rid of rats.

A lot of people use it in rat poisons and many individuals use it to get rid of rats. Some folks wonder why we use the same medicine to treat pain and fever in humans that we use to kill rats.

It seems that Indocid affects the body more strongly than many other pain relievers.

The rat died because it had too much Indocid. Rats don’t die from eating it because it is toxic to them. Instead, they die because they get too much of it in their bodies, which they can’t handle.

Is Indocin harmful to humans? Absolutely. The medicines (pesticides) we thought only hurt rats can actually be fatal for humans too. If a person takes too much indocin, it can lead to death, just like with rats – MedlinePlus. This is especially true if they have illnesses like stomach ulcers, which might cause serious problems in the intestines, kidneys, or even strokes.

2. Aspirin

New research found that when male rat babies in the womb are exposed to aspirin, they grow up as adults with lower interest in mating and brains that are less masculine.

The results show that aspirin affects the way testosterone changes rats from babies to males. When animal brains are growing, they’re not really male or female yet.

When a baby boy’s brain gets testosterone, it adds more brain cells in a special area. When he grows up and meets a female who’s interested, that same area in his brain becomes active.

3. Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is a type of medicine called NSAID, which helps with pain and inflammation. How does it work to get rid of rats? Well, it’s better at reducing pain and inflammation than aspirin or acetaminophen (paracetamol).

But here’s the catch: when it’s in the body, it messes up blood clotting. If used a lot, it can cause bleeding, tummy ulcers, and holes in the stomach lining.

Using ibuprofen can be more dangerous for older folks, those with heart or kidney problems, or people taking diuretics. This is because it might make them hold onto fluids and reduce blood flow to the kidneys.

The findings of this study suggest that using ibuprofen for a long time might affect the liver, kidneys, and blood functions of rats.

Also, the amount of time rats are exposed to ibuprofen might be more dangerous than the actual dose. Interestingly, rats tend to die from inflammation rather than pain relief when they’re given higher amounts.

Conclusion on Killing Rats with Paracetamol

One problem with killing rats with paracetamol in your house is that the poisoned rats might hide in a hard-to-reach place before they die. And the smell can be really bad, which is one of the reasons poisons are generally not recommended.

If you can, it is better to use a bait station. That way, the rat will pass away somewhere safe and there won’t be a risk of kids or pets getting hurt by the poison.

If you have rats in your house, don’t use any of the poisons mentioned above without a bait station. A bait station is like a box or something similar that holds the poison.

Here is why you should use a bait station:

  • It keeps kids and pets away from the poison.
    The sick rat is more likely to die inside the station instead of running away and dying somewhere else.
  • It gives the rat a safer place to eat, making it more likely that they’ll feel safe and eat more of the poison.

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