Cockroaches often originate from warm, tropical, or sub-tropical regions. Therefore, they are drawn to warm places like refrigerator motors. They prefer dark and humid places with clutter and filth, but they can also be found in clean areas. However, the main concern in this topic is whether roaches can damage a refrigerator or not.

These critters eat a variety of things, including meat, sweets, leather, book bindings, and wallpaper paste. They spread germs through their waste and saliva, leave a bad smell, and can carry diseases. So, as an expert, I have designed these few simple measures you can take to make your refrigerator less appealing to cockroaches. But first, let’s go over the primary question again.

Can Roaches Damage a Refrigerator?

Yes, roaches can damage a refrigerator in a way such as eating the wire and contaminating the exterior. However, they can’t get in. I have seen a lot of roaches mess around refrigerators while on cleaning jobs but none makes it in. They might just chew on the insulation, create nests, or cause short circuits.

A fridge is sealed for insulation to keep the cold in and everything else out. If it’s not broken, roaches can’t get inside to reach your food, unless you forget to close the door. The cold inside a fridge is too much for a German roach, which actually likes warm, tropical places. They need warmth, like the kind the fridge motor gives off.

How to Eliminate Cockroaches from Your Refrigerator

Step 1 – Identify the Cockroach Specie

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Let’s begin with how to spot and check for German cockroaches in your electronics, like your refrigerator. German cockroaches are indoor pests and like dark, tight places. So, if you notice roaches near your electronics, they are probably German cockroaches.

You can tell they’re German cockroaches by their unique look. Although all cockroaches look somewhat alike, German cockroaches are smaller, about half an inch long, lighter in color, and have two noticeable dark stripes behind their heads. If you find different types of cockroaches in or around your house, you can find more information on our website about dealing with roaches both inside and outside.

Step 2 – Look for Signs of Their Activity

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When you’re checking your refrigerator for roach activity, look closely around any openings or parts like vents or areas where the power cord connects. If it’s safe and recommended by the manufacturer, you can open up your fridge to have a better look inside. Just be careful not to harm any of the internal parts.

Sometimes, if your fridge isn’t working, it might not be because of roaches. It could just be normal wear and tear or maybe a power issue. But if you’re inspecting for roaches, you need to look for them and also for signs they’ve been there. This includes their droppings and egg casings. Roach droppings look like tiny black pepper specks or dark streaks and smears. The egg casings are like small brown capsules.

Step 3 – Start the Treatment with Pesticide Products

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When ready to use pesticides, put on your safety gear first. You can use Apex cockroach gel bait. This bait works slowly, allowing roaches to eat it and then go back to their nest. There, they spread the bait to other roaches, which helps get rid of the whole colony. But before you put down the bait, it’s clean your house or fridge area. You want to make sure there’s no other food around that the roaches might eat instead.

They usually look for things like leftovers, oils, and other stuff lying around. Cleaning well is really important. Just use warm water and a gentle soap for cleaning. If you use strong chemicals or regular household cleaners, the roaches might stay away from the bait.

Step 4 – Bait the Roaches

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First, put small amounts of bait, like pea-sized drops, on something like an index card. Place this card near your fridge. You can also use this roach trap. This helps in two ways: it’s easier to clean up later, and it keeps the roaches close to the bait instead of them searching for other food you might have missed. To make sure there are no other roach groups around your house, use the bait in places where roaches usually go, like kitchens and bathrooms. Put tiny lines of bait inside cupboards, under appliances, and near pipes. You should notice fewer roaches in about three to five days. Keep adding new bait every one to two weeks until you don’t see any more roaches.

Step 5 – Apply Novacide

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If you see fewer cockroaches, it’s time to use Novacide. Novacide is a spray that kills not just German cockroaches but also fleas, ticks, ants, and more. It kills adult and young cockroaches. Novacide contains an insect growth regulator (IGR) which stops roaches from growing and reproducing. This means it stops eggs from hatching and young roaches from becoming adults.

To use Novacide, hold the can upside down about three feet from the ground. Sweep it around, covering about 100 square feet in 10 seconds. Pay special attention to places near your electronics like refrigerators and in the kitchen. Also, spray around the edges of rooms and baseboards.

Keep pets and people away from sprayed areas until they’re dry. You can use Novacide on different floors like carpet, wood, linoleum, tile, and ceramic. If any cockroaches are left, they’ll walk through the Novacide and die eventually.

Step 6 – Clean Your Refrigerator

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Once the roach problem in your refrigerator appliance is gone, clean it well.

  1. First, unplug the fridge or disconnect it from power.
  2. Open it up with a screwdriver and carefully clean out any eggs or droppings.
  3. Don’t use water or liquid cleaners. Instead, opt for a brush, a soft cloth, or a Q-tip for cleaning. Also, make sure this doesn’t void any warranties from the manufacturer.


So, we’ve been able to answer the primary question, and yes, it’s possible for roaches to damage a refrigerator. After the treatment, just don’t expect them to disappear immediately. Sometimes, it takes months depending on the level of the infestation. And lastly, you don’t have to get rid of the fridge to stop roaches.

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