Did you book an Airbnb rental only to find cockroaches in Airbnb? Perhaps, your mistake was booking without checking the reviews of guests complaining about cockroaches or cockroach sightings in that particular host. But that’s in the past now, so let’s look for a fix.

This might crawl under your skin as a guest, but a cockroach infestation is the worst nightmare for Airbnb hosts too.

What steps should you take if you arrive at the property and find your Airbnb rental plagued by a cockroach infestation or other types of creepy crawlers? This is a prevalent issue and something you should keep in mind. We have the solutions to help you handle it.

Can You Cancel Airbnb for Roaches?

Cockroaches in Airbnb

You can cancel Airbnb for roaches. Simply submit your request and describe the cockroach issue in Airbnb. You also need photos or video t back your claim. If you wish, you can ask the host to get rid of the roaches, request a refund of your cleaning fee, or request to cancel your reservation for a full refund of the remaining nights if the roach presence is severe.

Cockroaches in Airbnb: What to Do

Hosts need to follow specific measures when dealing with guests who are blurry and teary-eyed, bearing bite marks from cockroaches. Similarly, guests should take certain steps if cockroaches in Airbnb conceal themselves in crevices or come out in plain sight.

1. Document the situation

Take photos or videos of the pests. This will be useful for any dispute that may arise later. If possible, take pictures of the live cockroaches and any stains on the mattress from smear marks, as these will provide evidence of a potential infestation and the overall condition of the specific room(s) or furniture.

When notifying Airbnb about the situation, remember to include the photos as supporting evidence for your claim.

2. Contact the host

Inform your host immediately about the issue. They should be allowed to address the situation, which could include providing pest control services, offering a different property, or giving a refund.

You can contact the Airbnb host either in person or through online communication, and file a complaint. During the process, you may request a refund due to the insect problem. Also, make use of the official Airbnb platforms for online communication rather than engaging in direct text messages (SMS) with the host. This will notify Airbnb about the situation, getting them to address the issue with the host.

Regardless of how accommodating, apologetic, and helpful a host may be, eliminating cockroaches requires time and effort. As a result, there may be limited immediate actions they can take to resolve the problem, apart from providing a refund for the room and offering an alternative room that guarantees cleanliness.

If alternative rooms are unavailable, you should anticipate the host’s assistance in finding a nearby Airbnb and facilitating your transition. Any payments made for additional nights should be refunded to you promptly and without any complications.

Note that if the host offers you a new place of stay, it is up to you to decide whether to accept it or not, according to Airbnb.

3. Notify Airbnb

If the host does not respond within a reasonable time frame or fails to satisfactorily resolve the issue, you should reach out to Airbnb on their website or app. Send them the documentation (photos/videos) and explain the situation. Airbnb has policies in place for such situations and they can mediate the situation if necessary.

4. Leave a Review

Once your stay is over, make sure to leave an accurate review detailing your experience of cockroaches in the Airbnb. This action can help future guests make informed decisions about where they stay.

What to Do as Airbnb Host

In our contemporary era of social media, negative news spreads faster and wider than ever before. Contrary to outdated notions, having a bad reputation is not preferable to having no reputation at all. The only thing you strive to see go viral is a five-star rating. It’s crucial to prevent guests from discussing cockroaches during breakfast with potential future guests. Even if you’re uncertain, it’s essential to take prompt action.

1. Express regret and offer a full refund

The initial step for a vacation rental host when faced with a guest lodging complaints about cockroaches or other insects is to express sincere apologies and provide a complete refund for the room.

Alternatively, you can offer the guest an alternative room that will undergo thorough cleaning by professional staff during the day and be equipped with a fresh mattress. If the guest accepts, spring into action to get rid of the roaches overnight.

2. Notify Airbnb about the situation

The next step is to report the incident to Airbnb. Note that guests can directly communicate with the Airbnb customer service team and are likely to do so, possibly even before reporting the cockroach issue to you. Airbnb should be informed about the problem directly from you rather than from the guest.

Make sure to mention the steps taken to address and eliminate the cockroaches, and include the guest’s feedback regarding the resolution. Airbnb will want to know about the expected timeframe for eradicating the cockroaches from your Airbnb, and will also require evidence of professional extermination services you have used.

If such documentation is not provided, Airbnb will refund the guest for any remaining nights and arrange for their relocation to a new place of stay.

3. Exterminate roaches from your Airbnb

Thoroughly examine and get rid of any indication of cockroaches in Airbnb room. It is even advisable to have a professional exterminator inspect and approve all bedrooms, common areas, and kitchen spaces.

Final Thoughts

Cockroaches in Airbnb are a serious problem that affects guest satisfaction as well as the reputation of your listing. Make sure to prevent cockroach infestations as a host by focusing on regular cleaning, sanitation, and pest control measures.

Educate yourself about cockroach habits and prevention strategies, such as proper food storage and maintaining a clean environment. Address guest concerns and work with professional pest control services to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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