Rats in Neighbours Garden

So, you just saw rats in neighbours garden, and they probably won’t do anything to rat-proof their garden or yard. It’s really annoying to have rats around, especially if it’s because a neighbor doesn’t care enough to control their presence on their property. If there is an infestation in your neighbor’s garden, you are likely to hear rats moving and chewing inside walls or floors. In areas with gardens, you will see a rat in your or your neighbor’s yard. If there are a lot of rats at your neighbor’s, there might even be a noticeable bad smell coming from their property.

Rats in Neighbours Garden: Should I Worry if I See a Rat in Garden?

Rats in Neighbours Garden

You should be worried. Rats move around a lot due to searching for food, water, and a place to stay. If they are in your neighbor’s house and smell food from your home, they might try to get inside. They could even make a nest in your own garden.

Sometimes, rats come onto your property just because they’re exploring new areas for food and escape routes.

If rats are in your neighbor’s garden, there’s a good chance you’ll have a rat problem too, especially if you haven’t made your home rat-proof. You can’t just ignore rats in neighbours garden and hope it goes away. So, what should you do if your neighbor has a rat problem? Let’s figure that out.

How Do I Deal with My Neighbours Rats?

So, your neighbor has rats in their garden. How do you deal with this problem to stop the rats from moving to your own property?

Directly Approach Your Neighbor to Discuss the Rat Problem

If you see rats in neighbours garden, talk to your neighbor about the situation. Just be nice and not blame them. You want their help, and being friendly is the best way to get it.

Tell them you have seen rats or signs that rats are in their garden. Ask if they’re willing to talk about what might be causing it and what they are doing to solve it. Point out that when one building has rats, it can affect the whole area. You both want to get rid of the rats in your neighborhood.

Contact the Building Management

If you live in a large apartment building, they probably offer free rat control services. Word about rats spreads fast, and it’s not good for selling or renting apartments.

You can ask the building management to talk to your neighbor about the rats. They can take care of getting rid of the rats in that apartment and also in the shared and hidden parts of the building.

Contact Your Local Association If You Reside in a Suburban Neighborhood

If you live in a city area, it’s common to have a homeowners’ association nearby. These groups are useful because they often have the means to help with rat problems in neighbors gardens and properties as a whole. They might fund rat control efforts or at least recommend a good service to handle it. They can also talk to your neighbor, urging them to fix the issue promptly.

Notify the Local Public Health Authorities

What if your neighbor keeps ignoring the rat problem, especially in an empty apartment or building? In this case, you have to contact your local public health officials or the pest control department. Make sure you have some proof of the rats in neighbours garden. It could be a video, so the authorities know it’s a serious issue that needs attention.


The rats in neighbours garden are a problem, and won’t just go away by themselves. Also, trying to deal with rats outside on your own may not work. While your neighbor is trying to handle the infestation, make sure your own home is rat-proof. You don’t want these pests migrating to your own garden in search of food, water, or shelter.

If you start seeing signs of rats on your property, or if you just want to make your home more secure against them, consider contacting your local professional pest control professional. They will humanely handle the possible infestations, and block the rats from coming in.

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