Best mouse trap for home with pets [Top 7]

Mice in your home can be a source of stress and anxiety. They not only instill fear, but can also spread diseases, trigger allergies and asthma, and cause significant property damage. While fighting them is an option, you have to be careful with your choice of trap if you have pets around. Fortunately, you can control mice presence using the best mouse trap for home with pets.

Best mouse trap for home with pets

Best mouse trap for home with pets

You do know that rodent poison is the least choice due to the chance that your pet might consume it. I have made careful recommendations to make the process of getting rid of mice much easier and safer for your pets.

Also considered is the pricing; nobody wants to pay more than the value of a product. I’m also confident about the quality of the picks. That said, below is the best mouse trap for home with pets:

1. Victor M250S Indoor Electronic Humane Mouse Trap — overall best

This electronic mouse traps uses a powerful electric shock to effectively and swiftly eliminates mice.

During my in-home testing, I found the product to be user-friendly and easy to clean, with hassle-free removal that eliminates any squeamishness.

Setting this mouse trap for home with pets was a breeze, thanks to its simple baiting process and activation, without the fear of getting their fingers caught in the tension bar. The manufacturer, Victor Pest, is a well-established name in pest control since the late 1800s, so that adds to the reliability and effectiveness of this product.

My Victor M250S Indoor electronic mouse trap is easy to operate. Simply place the bait in the built-in cup within the chamber, which can be removed for convenient disposal, and activate the “on” switch. When a mouse enters the chamber, the lethal electric shock, powered by four AA batteries (not included), takes effect.

One of the key features of this trap is its discreet design. A flashing green light signals when a mouse has been caught, without the need for direct observation. Additionally, a safety switch deactivates the trap when it is open, providing added protection for children and pets.

The built-in safety switch is another bonus, as it deactivates the trap when opened, ensuring the safety of children and pets. It also comes with helpful suggestions for easy food lures, like cheese and peanut butter, making it even more convenient to use. You have the option to purchase the trap as a single unit or in sets of one, two, three, or four.

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2. Motel Humane Mouse Traps Indoor for Home Mice — best humane mouse trap for home with pets

If you prefer a humane approach to catching mice, I am confident that the Motel Mouse Humane Mouse Trap is an excellent option, especially with your pets around. During our testing, we found these traps to be highly effective and secure, preventing mice from escaping once captured.

This reusable trap, sold in a pack of two for under $15, allows you to capture mice alive and release them outside without direct contact. This not only shows compassion for the animals but also eliminates the need for pesticide baits and eliminates any risk of a snapping mechanism. The traps come in two sizes, with the larger size suitable for most common mouse varieties.

The Motel Mouse Humane Mouse Trap is simple to use. Place your desired bait, such as peanut butter or another food item, in the food compartment and open the spring door. When a mouse enters the tunnel-like trap, the door closes securely behind it, with air holes ensuring proper ventilation. Cleaning up the trap is also a breeze, requiring only soap and hot water, and it even comes with a cleaning brush.

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3. Tomcat Refillable Mouse Bait Station

The Tomcat Mouse Killer is a station that you fill with the brand’s bromethalin-based bait.

The package includes a refillable station and sixteen 1-ounce bait blocks, which are capable of killing mice within 24 to 48 hours of ingestion. From my findings, each block can kill up to 12 mice.

The bait station has a clear lid, allowing you to monitor the amount of bait remaining. Refilling the station is straightforward – simply load the bait into the removable cartridge located at the bottom of the product and push it into place. Mice can access the station through either side of the trap.

Tomcat Mouse Killer is designed to be tamper-resistant for the protection of children and pets, however, it is still important to keep the trap out of reach of family members as the bait is considered toxic.

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4. Victor M156 Metal Pedal FSC Wood Snap Mouse Trap — Affordable and Effective

If you need a cost-effective or traditional option, I recommend the Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Traps are a great choice. These classic traps, produced by the manufacturer for over 120 years, are budget-friendly and can be purchased in sets of 4 or in bulk with a set of 64. I recommend buying multiple sets because, for every single mouse you see, there are more lurking around.

These traps are made from wood sourced from responsibly managed forests, according to the manufacturer. However, setting the trap does require a steady hand and is not the best for pets. If you are picking this option, place them where your pets will not access them.

To use the trap, place a small amount of bait on the pedal, then pull back the bow and secure it with the locking bar. Place the trap with the bait pedal facing the wall, and when a mouse steps on it, the bar snaps.

It can be difficult to set up and deal with the caught mouse. Follow these steps to dispose of any caught mouse.

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5. Victor M310S Tin Cat Multi-Catch Live Mouse Trap

Victor makes a return with its M310S Tin Cat design, which has the capability of trapping up to 30 mice at once. Its low-profile design makes it ideal for placement under furniture.

The M310S Tin Cat is a catch-and-release-type trap with a convenient easy-open lid, but it does require visible contact with the rodents. It features a cutout window that allows you to see when a mouse is inside the trap.

Our testing found that the M310S Tin Cat trap was most effective when baited with peanut butter, rather than easily grabable treats like bread or cheese. Although the traps are reusable, they do have a bulky design.

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6. JARMINERO Mouse Trap with Detachable Bait Cup — best convenient

Snap traps are known for their ease of use and maintenance, and the JARMINERO Mouse Traps are no exception. These traps come in a set of 12 and are simple to set up, thanks to the removable bait cups. Insert the bait cup through the bottom of the trap and pinch the end to set it, making the baiting process much easier and safer compared to other snap traps that require you to place your fingers near the snap jaw.

The pressure plate is highly sensitive, triggered by just a few ounces of pressure, and snaps shut instantly, killing rodents on contact.

Another benefit of the JARMINERO Mouse Traps is the ease of disposal, with the option to dispose of the entire trap or just its contents without direct contact with the caught mouse. I found that this best mouse trap for home with pets is reusable and may not even require additional bait to catch the next mouse. It is important to remember that, like all snap traps, the JARMINERO should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

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7. D-Con No View, No Touch Covered Mouse Trap — best concealable

If you are looking for a way to get rid of mice without having to directly see them and to ensure your pet’s safety, the d-CON No View, No Touch Covered Mouse Trap is a great option. This product, which resembles an oversized hockey puck with a hollow interior, comes in a pack of six sets of two disposable traps (12 total).

Once a mouse enters the covered trap, it snaps lethally, allowing you to dispose of the entire unit without having to view its contents.

The larger size of the trap should also accommodate even the largest house mouse.

To set the d-CON No View, No Touch Covered Mouse Trap, simply insert bait through the bottom of the trap and twist it to set. Place the trap in an area where you have seen rodents, and a “Mouse Caught” indicator will let you know when a mouse is inside. The covered design of the trap keeps dangerous components away from curious pets and children.

While the price of these traps may seem higher than other products, they come in packs of two and can be purchased in six-packs, which helps alleviate the cost.

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What to look for in mouse trap for a house with pets

This section basically concerns my decision for the various recommend mouse traps with your dog and cat in mind.

1. Humane

You want a humane mouse trap. However, even though quick-kill traps are considered humane, some people argue that killing rodents is in itself inhumane. But this is up to you. If you feel the little critter deserves another chance, you should be looking at buying the live trap. I have even recommended the best live bucket trap designed for mice. However, you will have to dispose of the mice at least 2 miles from your home, and away from another person’s property.

2. Setup requirements

If the thought of setting mouse traps makes you nervous due to the fear of the trap snapping closed on your fingers, there are various types of traps available that are simple to set and have finger-friendly mechanisms. The JARMINERO Mouse Traps are one such option, with a removable bait cup that eliminates the need to place your fingers near the snap jaw, making it easy to set.

3. Mouse elimination design

The majority of mouse traps use spring-loaded mechanisms to kill rodents by targeting the head or neck.

However, there are several alternative options available, especially if you don’t want to see the dead mouse in the trap. You can choose to kill the mice for rapid population control or opt for a catch-and-release trap to relocate them to a different location far away. The Motel Mouse Humane Mouse Traps are a great choice as they do not use pesticide baits, have no snapping mechanism, and come in two sizes that are suitable for most common mouse varieties.

4. Pet safety

The recommendations I have made here are not likely to harm your pet, except for the snap-design trap which you have to place in hidden or hard-to-reach areas accessible by mice. That way, you won’t risk exposing your pet to injury.

I have not recommended glue traps or poisoned baits are these are often a problem for pets and other wildlife that are not your target for elimination.

How long does it take to catch a mouse in a trap?

The duration required for a mousetrap to capture mice is influenced by numerous factors, such as the severity of the infestation, the type of bait employed, and the placement area. The effectiveness of mouse traps can range from a few hours to several days.

However, there are a few techniques to expedite the process of catching mice and avoid lengthy waits.

  • Don’t handle the mouse trap with your bare hands; wear gloves.
  • Bait the trap after 2-3 days of placement (if it requires baits).
  • Inspect the area often and try to place the trap differently.
  • Place your mouse trap for home with pets next to the walls because a mouse is more likely to walk along the wall since they have poor vision and are afraid of humans and other predators like your pet. According to experts, “mice view the world at extremely low resolution, with the equivalent of 20/2000 vision.”

What is the best mouse trap bait from home?

Small portions of peanut butter or soft cheese have traditionally been effective as bait. Attaching a small amount of marshmallows, gumdrops, or beef jerky to the trap trigger can also prompt the trap to spring when mice take a bite. Additionally, during the autumn and winter seasons, female mice are drawn to dental floss, yarn, and twine, making them ideal materials to use in conjunction with a trap.

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