Do Onions Kill Rats?

Do onions kill rats? Onions won’t kill rats per se but can be toxic to them. Rats do not usually eat raw onions due to their strong scent, which is also unpleasant to them. If rats do eat raw onions, usually by being tricked with other food, it can be very harmful to them.

Generally, raw onion consumption can lead to severe anemia in rats, which affects their oxygen levels and can cause stomach pain. The result can be a slow and painful death, which is considered inhumane. This can often take 12 hours to a day or two. The main causes of death are suffocation, starvation, or kidney failure. Cooked onions, however, are not toxic to rats.

Do Onions Kill Rats?

Do Onions Kill Rats

Onions can be toxic to rats, but they are not a reliable method for controlling or killing rats. Rats, like many other animals, have a strong aversion to strong smells and tastes, and onions certainly fall into that category due to their pungent odor and flavor.

The toxic principle in onions is N-propyl disulfide, a compound that can cause oxidative damage to red blood cells, leading to hemolytic anemia in rats. However, the amount of onion needed to kill a rat is quite large, and rats are typically good at avoiding foods that could be harmful to them.

Unfortunately, onions are not a reliable method to control or kill rats. It is not also humane. Rats are intelligent and cautious, so they are likely to avoid onions as food bait.

Can Onions Repel Rats?

As for using onions as a rat repellent, it’s not very effective. While the smell of raw onions might initially drive rats away, they often get used to it. Also, the onions’ smell can bother people as much as it does rats.

Onions are not a reliable control measure to keep rats out of your home. If you’re dealing with a rat problem.

Keeping Rats at Bay

You want to keep rats away from your home effectively and humanely. Usually, it’s best to work with your local pest control professionals. They will carefully inspect your house to find where the rats are getting in. You might be surprised at how small a hole they can use to enter. Rats will even get into a hole the size of a 10p coin.

After locating where the rats are and how they’re getting in, professionals will use humane to catch them. They will also help clean up any areas the rats have come in contact with and fix any damage.

Rats can carry diseases, including ringworm, tapeworm, and hantavirus, and even their droppings and nesting materials can be harmful. So, allow the professionals to handle the removal and cleaning of the area properly.


So, do onions kill rats? It inhumanely does and is not an advisable way to control rat presence in your home. If you’re dealing with rats, it’s better to avoid using raw onions. Instead, contact a professional service for help. This way, you can get rid of the rats without harming other wildlife such as hedgehogs or having to deal with the strong smell of onions in your house.

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