How to Use Bay Leaves for Cockroaches

You want to know how to use bay leaves for cockroaches if you have the bay tree (Laurus nobilis) around or just collected the leaves.

Also called laurel leaf, the bay leaf will repel the pesky roaches, keeping your home or workspace roach-free. Howbeit, cockroaches have a delicate environmental influence—they are useful recycling agents, and they eat up decomposing substances.

Although cockroaches are helpful in environmental cleanup, they would not make good cleaning assistance in your home. It’s not very hard to get rid of them—the bay leaf from the Laurus nobilis combined with a proper sanitary lifestyle can keep these disease-carrying creatures away.

How to use bay leaves for cockroaches

Below are the ways you can repel cockroaches with bay leaves:

1. Unfold fresh, dry bay leaves

External smell negatively impacts the bodily function of cockroaches, so they are kept in areas where the cockroaches frequent the most.

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You place the bay leaves on the windowsills at the edge of the room next to the baseboards, and on the back of furniture, a refrigerator, and a food shelf for cockroaches.

2. Burn to fumigate the room

Burn the leaves in the evenings when cockroaches are fully active. Take a little amount of dry potion or leaflets, place it in a clay container, and set fire to form the repellent smell. Put it in the infected room and shut the doors. Roaches are turned off by certain smells, Clegg’s Pest Control confirms, and smoked bay leaf odor is one such.

The good thing about this method is that it has many properties that act as a deterrent to cockroaches. Cockroaches are afraid of bay leaves and their smoke. This method should be repeated every evening until you stop seeing roaches in walls or other popular hideouts.

3. Decoction

The fresh broth is useful in keeping cockroaches away. When it is evening, put bay leaves inside a pan and place them on a stove, then fill the pan with water and allow it to cook on low heat for one hour.

A persistent odor spreads across the room, mostly into the crevices and areas that are hard to reach. When the broth cools off in the kitchen or your bathroom where they come from, cockroaches will wobble out of hiding.

4. Infusion and alcohol tincture

A tincture can be used to repel cockroaches. Just mix the raw materials with water and allow it to cook for about 20 minutes, then leave it to cool off with the lid shut. Clean the floor and the furniture.

The tincture is made using alcohol or superior quality vodka. Pour alcohol into the dry leaves and allow to soak in a dark area for 20 days. Use the mixture to clean shelves, refrigerators, and other equipment and furniture. The areas with bay leaves for roaches will keep them away as long as the smell remains.

5. Mix bay leaves with other plants

Peppermint, chamomile, garlic, wormwood, tansy, and lavender can keep cockroaches away. Consider forming a plant bouquet to increase the potency of your remedy. The essential oils of these plants are typically useful for cockroaches to stay away.

Keeping cockroaches at bay

One natural remedy that can keep off cockroaches is bay leaves. Understand that bay leaves don’t necessarily eliminate cockroaches, they only produce a scent that is irritating to cockroaches and would make them migrate to find shelter elsewhere. Fresh or dry bay leaves are not powdery, making it easier to clean up later.

Scattering bay leaves across your home or workspace, especially in areas where you have seen cockroaches the most, will deter them.

  • Make sure to pay attention to places where you make food.
  • You can also fill a bowl with bay leaves and put them in places that are needed.
  • You could also put some bay leaves under your trashcan.
  • Also, consider spraying bay leaves inside your cupboards, behind your refrigerator, and beneath your stove.

If you won’t use the bay leaves within 3 months, consider freezing them so they can last over 1 year without losing any of the strong aroma and flavor they are famous for. If you have a prevalent cockroach infestation in your home, it is advisable to grow bay Laurel trees.

A lot of times cockroaches are lured by food into your home. It is necessary to always clean up your room to keep the cockroaches out. To prevent cockroaches from your home, do the following:

  • Clean up your counters and floors.
  • Wash dirty dishes, utensils, and pots.
  • Store the ingredients used to prepare your meal in safe, airtight containers.
  • Use cans or jars with good lids to store your packaged, dry foods.
  • Only eat in rooms built for eating like the dining room and kitchen.
  • Clean the cupboards twice a year or periodically.
  • Use vacuum cleaners to wipe the floors.

Bay leaves for roaches

Bay leaf is used as an ingredient in Asian and western cuisine—bay leaves give dishes an extra scent and flavor and the smell repels cockroaches.

Some internet claims have doubts about the effectiveness of bay leaves as a natural substitute for cockroach repellents.

The reason bay leaves can be scattered around the house is to irritate cockroaches—their smell of essential oils.

Bay leaves and the kind of cockroaches to repel

You want to understand a few things about the behavioral patterns and habits of cockroaches. Depending on the cockroach species you are fighting, you want to spread the bay leaves close to their nests or close to areas you don’t want them to gain access to.

(1) If the bay leaves are placed close to roach nests, they may easily avoid the leaves and follow a different path.

(2) If you don’t want them to enter your kitchen, for instance, the best area to place the bay leaves is on the countertop. Place bay leaves in every cabinet around to repel cockroaches in the kitchen. Drawers, under the fridge, and the dishwasher are other places to consider.

It is important to get rid of what attracts the cockroaches even before placing the bay leaves. Cockroaches are attracted not just to food crumbs and water but also to materials like paper and wood.

The point is to keep the areas clean and safely store away your food. You should also inspect for broken pipes and ensure the floor is clean.

The best way to get a lasting solution is to get in touch with a professional pest control technician.

Precautionary measures

Inhaling the aroma of bay leaves is not hazardous for humans or pets but if a persistent smell is frequently inhaled, it may become irritating.

According to Healthline,  lab studies on the essential oils in bay leaves found that they may be toxic to some harmful pathogens, including certain strains of bacteria and fungus but are not toxic to humans and safe for cooking.

Alternative cockroach herbal remedy: catnip

Catnip is another good repellant for cockroaches. You can use Catnip in place of bay leaves unless you have a cat that might be disturbed by sensory overload from the bowls of leaves placed around the homes. Catnip oil is also a very good mosquito repellent oil.

Finally, you can grow bay leaves in your home to effectively manage the outbreak of cockroach infestation.

Nonetheless, if you have an increasing number of cockroaches in your home, get in touch with local pest control services. Roach control in your home is the most effective solution. Pest control professionals will carefully and skillfully inspect your home and recommend the best line of action to take to eliminate roaches.

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